A List of Interviews with Superstars Made Possible by Twitter and Google+

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14 Responses

  1. What exactly was your approach in your message?

    • hilzfuld says:

      Nothing out of the ordinary, just a normal human approach. “Would love to interview you for my blog, got a few minutes” and things similar to that.

  2. BarryckR says:

    Beautiful. I always say this in my conferences. Why do we need to go professional when we’re asking for something or even engaging a conversation when it comes to Social media? Twitter has given us the opportunity to talk and befriend people that rock the industry one works in. And the magic potion is just a “hey what’s up, how is your day so far?”


  3. Hey Hillel,

    This is quite an impressive list of web celebrities. Want to interview me 😉 just kidding. Seriously though, you highlight how beneficial Twitter can be to connect with people, especially devoid of any geographical hurdles.

    The way I think of Twitter is that it perpetually shortcuts the distance between any two web users on the face of the earth. Six degrees is something mankind will eventually turn into five degrees, and so forth.


  4. Eytan says:

    Joe Hewitt could be a an interesting interview

  5. Thank you for sharing your “secret.” I think I’m going to give this a shot and start aiming for some superstars. The worst they can tell me is no, and I’m already there. Thanks for the inspiration.

    And, why so few women on your interview list?

  6. hilzfuld says:

    ChaChanna, any women you think belong on this list? Let me know, always looking for new ideas… :)

  7. Great group of people…I myself know the power of Twitter and have made some amazing friends there, including yourself.

    I use the very same approach that you do..I simply ask if I need a favour and with very few exceptions my Twitter friends are more than happy to help in any way they can…as you know I am passionate about saving the dolphins and whales and when I wanted to do a video including my Twitter family every single person I asked to be involved jumped on board!

    I am also very lucky to be able to DM Alyssa..she is an amazing generous person and when she retweets it carries alot of influence as you point out..I remember a tweet that I sent out about rescuing dogs from Afghanistan and Alyssa retweeted it…it got over 1200 retweets within a few hours.

    I will bookmark this and be back to read thru all of the interviews.


  8. James Hicks says:

    Impressive list of completed and “to complete” interviews.

    Thanks for your efforts

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