How To Get Your Mobile App Noticed and Downloaded

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13 Responses

  1. Very informative article – some great tips!

    Are you planning on doing ‘How To Get Your Mobile App Noticed and Downloaded’ v2 with the remainder of the tips mentioned at the bottom? If so let us know when its live!

  2. I agree via performing all these actions we can get our mobile app notices and downloaded. Social Media is playing an important role in this like if our app is good and we create video of our app and then share on social networks like facebook and twitter and ask our friends to share this video so i thing it is also great.

  3. Ving says:

    Great article. Many thanks :)

  4. Mindi says:

    Just what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing. Many people in the media love twitter, it’s a good idea to hit those who are lucky enough to get a personalized press release at multiple touchpoints.

  5. Lauren says:

    Loved this article. I have been struggling with trying to figure out how to properly reach those patients and HCP that would be interested in an awesome app (MyMedSchedule)… While my passion lies within alternative medicine, I think this app is liberating for those that are currently taking or caring for individuals with serious ailments. That being said… I struggle with the fact that a good percentage of their users (the ones that use the online site are not necessarily using the IPHONE… would love, love, love your advice!

  6. Great article and to the point. I would like to comment on the press release portion of your article. While I agree with what you said I would like to add I have found most writers don’t care for spam and broad distributions of PR tend to be just that. I have found opening a line of communication with a writer by way of a personal email asking for permission to share a story goes a long way. Follow your dreams and deliver a polished product to the world. I have spent around $8000 dollars developing my app and will release it Jan 18th 2011. Would I like to make that back yes, but I know this app is a tool for many professionals and has been well tested and polished. I can rest easy knowing I made a great contribution to our community and if it get’s downloaded that’s great to. Have a great day everyone.

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