Why the New Facebook Groups Suck on So Many Levels

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10 Responses

  1. John Cass says:

    Thanks for the analysis, I think you raise some good points. But I would say on one feature, the ability to see other people’s profile data when you’ve joined a group. That’s very similar to LinkedIn’s strategy, and while its new for Facebook, we have seen this type of function within social networks. Though, I’d hear you, if you said that facebook is changing the rules in the middle of the game.

  2. David Spinks says:

    Yea I’ve been playing around with the groups today and have found a lot of the same exact issues as you. I don’t know how they thought some of this stuff would fly.

    I think it could be really interesting. It seems a lot less business focused and a lot more community oriented, which I like for a platform like facebook.

    We’ll see how they fix it up.

  3. Ving says:

    Good points. Facebook should take note of the above issues.

  4. I actually think groups is kind of interesting and potentially useful, although yes, clearly there are the usual issues at launch.

    However, I’m pretty sure you are mistaken about being about to see the profiles of people in the group even if you aren’t a Facebook friend. I’ve tried it several times with different people and that’s definitely not the case for me. Anybody else?

  5. Jessica Gottlieb says:

    Great post. I never got past the whole “opt out” thing. Once I saw that I realized I hated it and never investigated more

  6. Liz Polay-Wettengel says:

    I have to respectfully disagree with your analysis of the new Facebook groups.

    Facebook itself says this is for sharing with small groups of people you already know, such as your book club, your family, and I’ll even add your planning committee for a project you are on.

    This tool wasn’t meant to be used to create a random group of people you dont have a personal relationship with or a group of more than say 15-20 people.

    (should FB limit this for us? Not sure that is the answer but I’ll agree there is some useful functionality missing, such as the ability to opt out when invited to a group)

    This tool is best for those small groups you need to share and collaborate with.

    If used in that context, I think the new Facebook groups function is a useful tool for sharing photos, documents and for making small group decisions.

    I have not discovered that I can see profiles of those I am not friends with, and if that is truly the case, that is certainly a legitimate gripe, but otherwise, I find this tool very useful in both my personal and professional life.

  7. Liz,

    The intention and the implementation of these “small groups” may vary quite a bit.

    The inability to opt-out is especially unsettling.
    How could this have NOT occurred to the developers?
    Answer: I am sure it did.
    They just keep throwing stuff out there that robs its members of their privacy, and hope one squeaks by without anyone squawking.

  8. titipornstar says:

    i used the group function for my nightclub i could easily add people to the group pretty much in bulk… they have the choice whether to join or not!

    now i would like to create another group for a service i am providing and find that i can only add people one by one?! on the scroll bar!

    this has totally destroyed the whole purpose why i use facebook… i cant create a big group, create events like it used to be nice n tidy, or send mailouts to many people…

    i just pray they dont mess about with the group i already set up!!

  9. The Mark Suchanerd – he looka like “Shreech” from Saved by the Bell”.

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