Top 5 Steps after Joining Twitter

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  1. Jess says:

    Great post! Great advice for those new to twitter. It took me 5 minutes of reading this post to learn what I have discovered over the few months I’ve been on twitter. In fact, I am going to heed one of the suggestions and redesign my page, something I have not done since joining twitter.
    You can follow me: @henryralph

  2. Aryeh says:

    I disagree about the page design, you don’t need a fancy page. Looks aren’t everything, just tweet interesting content.

  3. hilzfuld says:

    First impressions! Before you read the tweets, you see the colors and the design. But I hear what you are saying.

  4. Aryeh says:

    Open up the book and read the first page, not just the cover.

  5. Deena says:

    Still trying to figure it out. I’m one of those “I don’t get it” people but since I keep hearing great things from ppl I respect, I’m keeping it up. And still not exactly finding it the most fascinating things online. I’d much rather, read my fb friends’ status updates. At least I know them and understand what they’re talking about. Oh yeah, that’s one of the things on twitter is that it’s like ppl are speaking a different language than me. What’s up with that?

  6. Zvi says:

    Spot on! I couldn’t agree more

  7. RIvka H says:

    FANTASTIC article, Hillel. I have been using Twitter for months, wanting to get into in more but not sure how. Ill update my bio right now…

  8. James Holmes says:

    Hilz- Nice and concise one-on-one. Among the many reasons Twitter is so powerful is that it is so simple to use and I hope that that always remains. If a person new to Twitter follows the recommended five steps and tweets consistently, they will be amazed by the quantity and quality of connections that can be made using this tools. Then to make it effective move to form more personal relationships.

    Nice post!


  9. hilzfuld says:

    Hi everyone,
    Thank you all very much for reading, keep reading and tweeting. Deena, keep using Twitter and I guarantee you will understand the @ # and RT language soon enough.
    Zvi and Rivka, thanks so much for your nice words, they are greatly appreciated, seriously!
    James, Twitter amazes me every day and I am always learning new things, thanks for your feedback, keep reading, tweeting, and sharing your insights.

  10. I would say that following people is key. Many times i come across a comment on a blog or on Twitter itself, along the lines of “Twitter is boring” or something like that. Then i click over to the persons profile and they have like 8 followers.

    It will get boring very fast if you only communicate and network with 8 people. LoL. Add people and network away.

  11. Thank you so much your info is so accessible and useful. Didn’t even know about the page design option and so much else. Also really look forward to knowing enough for it not to take up too much time. I have also discovered that I don’t need to follow people automatically if there tweets aren’t relevant for me…
    thanks for being so generous with your knowledge

  12. Lisa Smith says:

    When I joined twitter recently I couldn’t have my requested user name and had to add a numeral to it. I later discovered that I had already registered my username and tweeted just once – something along the lines of; ‘I don’t know what this is all about’ and that was it. Unsurprisingly I had no followers!

    So it was very entertaining to read this post.

    Over the last few weeks I learnt a bit about twitter and have been tweeting and following people and have already benefitted from the experience.

    Recently, I was working on a project to do with social media and wasn’t sure about something so I tweeted @peterfletcher and had an answer to my query in less than 5 mins. Instant free professional advice. I love it!


  13. hilzfuld says:

    Missy, Debby, and Lisa, thank you so much for your feedback. Feel free to follow me at

  14. I really enjoyed your blog. Information was presented in a memorable way that works! Twitter is simply changing lives all around the world!

    Once we get past “Phase one” which is simply said, twitter looks interesting, but I don’t understand what this thing can do for me. To: the next phase, “Phase Two” where perhaps you hear the term or name twitter so much that you decide to spend more time observing the activities of Twitter.

    And then you start actually seeing the value of it, and start learning things from various conversations around the country. I am in “Phase Three” What is that exactly? Stay tuned. What me, what us, what others tweet! :) LOL

  15. hilzfuld says:

    Paul, thanks so much for reading, it is an honor to have you read and comment on Tech N’ Marketing. About your comment, well said! Keep reading! :)

  16. Another great article that really opens your eyes to what Twitter can do. Appreciate your expertise.

    Ten years ago I wrote about the potential of networking opportunities over the Web, but it was all futuristic then. Now it’s actually happening at record speed. Thanks for helping me jump on board. Much obliged.

  17. DeannLR says:

    A BIG FAT THANKS to you for explaining things a bit more in detail. I came to twitter a few months ago via, solely to play and share my favorite tracks. I am now slowly looking into twitter…and yes, it is a bit overwhelming…and not always working the way it should either :) but I will not give up and work my way ‘into the core’. Thx again…Deann

    • hilzfuld says:

      Thanks DeannLR for reading and commenting. So happy I could help, makes all the effort I put into these posts worth it. Keep reading :)

  18. Catheline says:

    Excellent article. Pleased that, in my opinion, I’m doing all 5 steps! It is truly one of the great resources available now. Like anything new, there is a learning curve. Taking the time to familiarize yourself with it and everything it offers will be time well spent. In the past week or so I have come in contact with people I never would have otherwise simply by investigating my various interests and following people. And…following people who follow them…and following….well, you get the idea.


  19. hilzfuld says:

    Catheline, thanks so much for your feedback, it is really appreciated. Are you following me?

  20. Casey says:

    Thanks for the input on twitter. It has taken me awhile to figure it out. I am finally there thanks to you and many others that have helped me out.

    I liked this post and found it useful so I shared it with my readers on my blog.

  21. Thanks for the information. I found this and the other articles, such as ten-things-you-must-know-before-using-twitter (also had great references to other sites) on this site very helpful as we have just started to use social networks like twitter to spread the word about our disc adhesive plate hangers.

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  22. Lois says:

    Thanks so much – I have much to learn! But, even as a beginner, Twitter is addictive!

  23. bhuttu says:

    IMO, the misconception in this article is that it is important to be followed by as many people as possible. I would set my personal goal in following the most interesting people out there. Whenever you want to impose your thoughts on the world, you fail. See communism for more details. Likewise, history’s most proeminent figures (and I’m mainly thinking religion) were not trying to get as many followers as possible. They were simply following ideas.

    Choose your priorities right! 😉

  24. hilzfuld says:

    Bhuttu, thanks for your feedback, but without followers, no one hears your tweets and Twitter ends up being pretty useless. It is true it is not a competition, but followers are necessary to maximize the Twitter experience.

  25. bhuttu says:

    It all depends on how each one sees the maximized experience. Personally, I think learning and finding out are bigger experience maximisers than shouting your thoughts.

    Nothing wrong with sharing, something wrong with imposing. If what you’re sharing is important, people will, eventually find out. Advertising lost its decency a long time ago.

  26. hilzfuld says:

    I agree with you bhuttu but to learn from others and not teach is not what it is about either. I am definitely not talking about advertising…I am talking about constributing to your followers. Thanks for commenting (again) :)

  27. bhuttu says:

    Thanks for being so positive! :)

    You are a reasonable and intelligent man, so it’s nice to spend time on your blog.

    Thing is, I am a little annoyed about using the virtual social networks for their own sake. Looks like we’re all slowly turning into computers. Old fashioned, maybe? :)

  28. Phyllis says:

    Great article.

    And Deena – I help people who are like you – who need a bit more hands on – let’s do it together kind of thing. I teach very small workshops – where everything is shown and expalined and you get a chance to try it all out right there. There are so many people who would enjoy Twitter more if they didn’t have to figure it all out – or just read how it is supposed to work. We all have different learning styles.

  29. hilzfuld says:

    bhuttu and Phyllis, as always, thanks for your feedback, it really means a lot to me to know people read and enjoy my writing….

  30. HappyGrams06 says:

    I have been using twitter for a few months now and I keep getting girls with porn sites following me. What is that about. It would be nice to prevent that instead of constantly blocking more and more. I am starting to figure out all the symbols. Your different writings will really help to make this experience easier. Starting to follow more people and now I know how to find more that I find interesting and identify with. Thank you.

  31. Hasankovich says:

    W0w ths website is a b0mb

  32. Tara Rogers says:

    I have so many guides and tips and blueprints on how to utilize Twitter for fun or for profit…………… (and other social media sites)……… I retweeted this article as it really breaks down the barrier to entering this huge phenomenom and surely after completing your initial suggestions will continue to follow your “obvious” path to creative, tactical, and strategic monetization of Twitter et al. I enjoy utizling emerging technologies, however, I have yet to tap this well of potential as my creative ideas are easily squelched after I watch the tweens battle the celebs in text offs! I look forward to your very candid and grounded approach!

  33. Franshair says:

    Thank s for all the ideas! I have been on twitter for about a year. My name is getting out there! I want more followers!

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