A Twitter Tip that Changes Everything

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38 Responses

  1. Miriam says:

    Very, very helpful – and something I was completely unaware of. Thanks so much Hillel!

  2. hilzfuld says:

    Thanks Miriam, hope it was clear, I feel like it got a little confusing at times… :)

  3. yitz.. says:

    i never noticed the difference.. thanks for pointing it out :)

    (i wish twitter would’ve done the opposite .. provided a facebook wall-to-wall like feature [on steroids], where you can click on a link and see just the streams of the correspondents in a particular conversation)

  4. Giovanna says:

    😉 Thankyou for this info. I figured out the writing (follow because) etc.. Before the @ name but I didn’t know about the dot .

  5. hilzfuld says:

    Yup, that is one of the biggest complaints about Twitter, no threaded conversations. Good point Yitz.

  6. Shimon says:

    That is why it is also useful to check out your friends profile pages every once in a while – to see who they communicate with.

  7. Iconic88 says:

    Great point made brother.

    Let people know that if you throw in a “.” or “!” or “>” before the @username everyone will be able to see the tweet.

    There are ways around it.

    As for #FollowFriday, gotta agree with you there. I took a leaf out of Chris Brogan’s book and tweet out the “Follow @username + explanation + their URL”.

    This helps people find out more about that person.

    Great post! Thank you.

  8. Rolf Simons says:

    Thanks 4 your tips. They are very helpfull.

  9. Ah! Didn’t know about this.. Thakns 😀

  10. I didn’t know this was the case. I guess they also did this as a counter measure against people who were badgering big users just to get the big users’ followers to see their name in the reply.

  11. birkenbihl says:

    I have another way (among several) how to find great tweet-makers: I read the left column (default) you get when searching RETWEET. If i like a tweet (these are total strangers!) i go to the profil and read mor tweets of theat person. if i like them i start RT-ing them AND i follow. then i look who is following that person, because birds of a feather… this way i have found some terrific people fo follow.

  12. brett says:

    An important nuance! I had no idea- thanks!

  13. avilist1@gmail.com says:

    Twitter should give people the option in the way they want to communicate. Due this change it has been harder to develop
    friendships or to make occasional comments and to get a feedback right-away. for example are you not interested in comments that people who you follow to chose, but you aren’t following for one reason or another.

  14. nielsveenstar says:

    Yes, completely new for me! Thx for this, will keep it in mind.

  15. Peggy Butler says:

    I knew about this but I’m glad you wrote about it because a lot of people apparently do not understand this rule…even big Twitter users, as you pointed out.

    Great post…I’ll RT it now…

  16. LaSal says:

    Very interesting and very helpful… apparently it’s easy to become pointless with the new changes.

    Also, I used to just click on the ‘public timeline’ tab and read updates from all around the globe, It was fascinating, all sorts of different languages, and I always found interesting people to follow. I can no longer find a ‘public timelin’e where everyone’s tweets are listed. Does anyone know if there still a way to see this?

  17. Laura Roeder says:

    Not a new rule, but definitely one of the most confusing. Good explanation here.

  18. Jay says:

    Thanks for sharing. This is interesting and new to me.

  19. Joe says:

    I found this out very much by accident and was pretty shocked. I think about all the conversations I’ve had with people (that were pretty damn good if I do say so my damn self) that I assumed all my friends were observing.

  20. bethofspring says:

    This nana’s been tweeting for quite a while, but never RTFM.
    Your columns really help, though I wish I could ask specific questions.

  21. Jessi says:

    I didn’t know about this in it’s entirety………..I did realize that I wasn’t seeing some @ replies but I assumed it was because the party I wasn’t following had a locked account. This certainly does explain a lot though, thank you!!! =)

  22. Chuck Brown says:

    Great tip and very useful. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Wait, I often tweet out “@user1 @user2 @user3 thank you for joining the twitter poem” will all 3 of these people see my message and just not the rest of my followers, or only the 1st user?

  24. Shane says:

    Thanks for that info.

    As a new Twitter user, however, I must admit that the explanation was a little confusing. But, I think I got it.

    Basically, if I were following you, I would only see those @ tweets if I looked at your Profile page as I wouldn’t receive those in my timeline. They’re considered replies rather than updates.

    A tweet, however, with the @ falling later in the tweet would allow me and all your followers to see it as it’s considered an update rather than a reply.

    That the gist? lol.

    Thanks for the tip :)

  25. Great article. I did know about the reason you should start your tweet with something before you reference the persons address. Many are unaware.

    Again, great article.

  26. Elina says:

    Thanks for the tip as I was unaware of that. I think that’s the case for a lot of people too.

  27. David says:

    My brain won’t handle it – who sees what, when, by who, to who -aargh!

    So tell me, I just replied to someone and, in order to reach a wider audience (assuming I understood your article correctly) I added the person’s name again at the end of my post. What if anything did I gain in terms of who will see what I wrote?

    This is what I wrote: (I am @photographworks)

    @IlanBr Yes, that as well. How we suffer for our art (wipes brow and sighs) @illanBr

  28. I hate having a conversation clutter my Twitter stream, which I really just want to be news and links and commentary from the people I’m following, but I don’t want to have my feed cluttered with their back and forth. Also, I think people forget that those back and forths are being seen by all, and they post some unfortunate stuff. So I’ve been unfollowing one side of the conversation to cut down on chatter. I’d love it if there were an option not to see the back and forth if we don’t want to, so that I could still follow all those people’s other tweets.

  29. Britt says:

    That’s a great tip–I had no idea!

    You also mentioned in the beginning of your post that one famous question new Twitter users ask is “How do I find people to follow?” I have a rule of thumb here. I usually search for blogs that I love and MOST of the time, those blogs have a Twitter connection button that I can use to connect with them on Twitter. It’s a great way to know that the person you are following will provide valuable information.

  30. A Twitter Tip that Changes Everything

  31. 4ndyman says:

    But Twitter DOES have threaded conversations. If you click the Reply feature (at least on the Twitter Web site and on TweetDeck), your tweet is linked to the tweet you’re replying to. Look for the “In Reply To” under the tweet — it’s actually a link.

    But if you add something before the @username, you break that thread. So your options are a more private threaded conversation, or a public conversation that isn’t threaded.

  32. Rita says:

    Thanks for all your GREAT Twitter Tips! You always have excellent info. to pass along. Keep up the Good Work.

  33. haz says:

    i still don get it how it works. i had became a follower of a person in tweet. let say person A. but every time i post a message or i reply to his posting message, he didn’t reply me back. wat wrong wif my tweet? is it to be replied with someone who you’re following, the person need to follow me too? pls help me to clarify all this things. i do use @brian to post the msg or reply his msg, but nothing happen…it seems like my post or msg doesn’t appear in his tweet profile..

  34. DonBurton says:

    WOW! Thanks! I just opened a second Twitter account for personal projects and started to notice this discrepancy between “reply” tweets showing up and not showing up. Had no idea. The new rule seems to contradict the entire concept of twitter which is open communication, sharing and reciprocity. Has there been any motions to change this back??? Thanks for the great info!

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