Twitter and Social Media Mistakes that Drive Everyone Nuts

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17 Responses

  1. Mike Mai says:

    awesome post, i agree with all the points made here.

  2. igster101 says:

    2 biggest pet peeves. AutoDm with “thanks for following please check out…”
    and follower #’s/ Who cares. If I weren’t picky Id have thousands of followers by now. Don’t want them if I can’t keep track of/interact with them.

  3. Alicia says:

    Well written. I thoroughly agree the numbe rof followers means, well, squat.

    I do try to promote my ebay business there, but that’s NOT my primary reason for being there.

    i’ve always been a bit of a social butterfly, and never afraid to approach new people. I also feel being personable and interacting with those you follow, and vie versa can help your business, even indirectly. :)

    I just enjoy people. What more can I say :)

    Thank you, for taking the time to read our comments.

    Azleeshy :)

  4. The Automatic Unfollow. I think it’s on SocialOomph if you upgrade and I’m sure there are others like it. Honestly, I can’t follow everyone who follows me and I really only want followers who are interested in what I have to say.

  5. Tim Anderson says:

    Awesome post.
    I’m new to twitter…sort of. I’ve had an account for awhile, just never got into since I’m so busy. Just trying to find others who share my passion for web design and development. I’ve found some great connections, and people with good advice and insight. And that is why I will continue to use it now.

  6. Rita DeLongchamp says:

    Very interesting and informative with good links to follow. I am a learner and I am learning a lot. Thanks. I want to follow people I admire and can learn from. As for followers I want those who may find my info helpful and/or interesting. Thanks for sharing all this info.

  7. Another newbie here who wants to learn and appreciates good advice. I really like what you said about companies thinking they can just hire a “social media whizkid” and the business will start flowing overnight. I’ve definitely seen that happen. But I think people are very slowly starting to realize that marketing fundamentals are still critical.

  8. Seogeeker says:

    Reaffirms my theory, do not pay for Social Media. Its Social you need to have something to say that people want to share! Nice article!

  9. 1. “Social media experts”.
    2. Social media experts who ask you tweet when they give a signal so they can demonstrate it’s power to clients.
    3. Social media experts who don’t know or disobey rules of the networks they are on. Eg Facebook competition rules.

  10. Benji says:

    Have to make one comment because you made me read this blog… First off – good blog. However, “it is important to say that there is no right and wrong way to tweet” – According to this report that isn’t really the case - Journalists: 5 tweets guaranteed to get you fired

  11. hilzfuld says:

    Thanks everyone for the comments.

    Benji, there is no right and wrong way to tweet just like there is right and wrong way to dance or sing. That doesn’t mean there are not some basic things you do not do under any circumstances.

    Calling yourself a social media expert on Twitter is like doing the Chicken Dance in a dance club :)

  12. Itamar Rogel says:

    Thank you Hillel, an awesome and to-the-point post!

    Indeed, sometimes it seems companies mistake the word “social” in “social media” for some other word (magic?) 😉

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