An Interview with Alyssa Milano: Actress, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, and Twitter Superstar

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33 Responses

  1. Dvir Reznik says:

    Hillel, that’s just freaking awesome!!
    I mean Alyssa Milano, wow. Think every Y-Gen guy had a crash on Alyssa growing up, with little regard to what would actually happen when Toni finds out about our secret meetup, or tweetups.. 😉

    Keep it up man!

  2. hilzfuld says:

    Thanks Dvir, she is a real rock star :)

  3. Hillel, this was sheer greatness! As you know (and anyone who knows me knows), I’m a huge Alyssa Milano fan and Twitter has strengthened that. This interview was great as it gave me more insight into a wonderful person. I too remember the day Alyssa followed me and still can’t believe I can DM her. She is awesome and i thank you for sharing this with us. :)

  4. hilzfuld says:

    Thanks a lot for the comment Michael :)

  5. MoFuld says:

    I am the 10+ year older brother and I have to say that there is nothing more attractive than a beautiful woman with intelligence. The crush is alive and well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BTW, another brilliantly written blog, lil bro.

  6. Julian Maurer says:

    Just too cool man!

  7. @Canuk75 says:

    Great interview. Was this interview done in person, over the phone or through emails/DM’s? I’ve now read some of your other blogs and am a true fan. Keep it up.

  8. Laura Walker says:

    Thank you for this fantastic blog and interview, really enjoyed reading it. Alyssa is just wonderful and this has emphasized that for me. Great job! (And I’m glad I follow you too)

    Laura. (@laurawalker86) xox

  9. Sara says:

    Even *I* had a crush on Alyssa! :) I am exactly her age and, consequently, our hair has evolved very much in sync. I’m thrilled to read that her role-model status does not stop there, but that as a whole human being she is totally worth “following”.

    And so cool that I know the guy who wrote this! Good 4U, Hillel.

  10. Ari Fuld says:

    I am the 5 year older Brother and all I can say HOLY COW!
    Loved who’s the boss! was too young to say I had a crush but the brains along with the looks…what a winner!

    Hillel, unreal that u are interviewing these people! So maybe twitter does make sense!

  11. Diana Adams says:

    Omg, I can’t say enough about Alyssa and how fun this interview is! Hillel, you did an amazing job with this post! Alyssa is such a treasured twitter friend of mine, and she is such a bright star in the universe. LOVE HER!!! (and love you too Hillel. Lol)

  12. hilzfuld says:

    Thanks guys :) Appreciate it :)

  13. Harris says:

    I have a new found respect! Alyssa Milano was my dream girl growing up!

  14. Great interview and such a good point about it only taking a few seconds to reach out to someone via Twitter to make their day. It’s disappointing to see celebrities who just tweet their own stuff constantly without any interaction with their fans who are the reason they are celebrities in the first place. Alyssa gets it!

  15. Natalie says:

    I absolutely adore Alyssa and she is a wonderful inspiration for all young girls out there. She has her head screwed on and shows great compassion to everyone. I will get my girls to read this just to show them what they can do. Thanks Alyssa xx

  16. murfdog76 says:

    Just found the interview great questions and she is one girl who is down to earth and grounded as far as I can see from interviews.And I do have to mention being a huge mets fan I want to know how she became a dodgers fan.

  17. Kells says:

    Hillel, I didn’t think responsible journalists or bloggers were supposed to gush over their interviews like this … but after the read, I can totally relate.

    Truly an amazing role model for a myriad of generations 😉 37?! She hardly looks a day older than 24 :D.

    Thank you Alyssa for being an ethical twitter crusader, an exemplary Gen-X’er, and for giving ladies something other than an XXL jersey to support my Oilers!

  18. Fantastic interview! Thanks to Alyssa for sharing!

  19. @media_maven says:

    GREAT interview Hillel!!!

  20. Michael says:

    Alyssa is truly amazing and inspiring. Hillel, excellent work on the interview. Thanks very much for posting it!

  21. Alex Villanueva says:

    If I could only follow one person, it would be Alyssa.

  22. Eleonora says:

    Real nice interview, some people do stand out even if they are in the show business, especially when they are genuine.

    (I really make compliments when i mean them ! )

  23. sharel says:

    Hi Hillel,

    Thank you for this great interview… very existing to read it!

    Thank you letting us touch the stars :)


  24. Daisy Gentry says:

    If I could only follow one person, it would be Alyssa.

  25. Martin says:

    Many thanks Hillel for the awesome interview.

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