iPhones and iMacs in Movies: Does Apple Pay?

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5 Responses

  1. ender says:

    Nice post, I wondered about all the Macs in movies… my favorite has to be in Independence Day where a PowerBook was used to upload the virus into the alien ship.

    One thing though, its Apple not Mac. As in “So, does Apple pay for product endorsement in movies?



  2. Lots more iPhones likely to show up soon … at least in the hands of the good guys.

  3. teer234 says:

    Probably 2 things. Apple pays and Hollywood and allot of America think of Apple as being trendy in the electronic world which is retarded at best. Don’t get me wrong, i am sure Apple makes fine products but leave the “trend” bull*** with clothes,shoes, cars & MTV and such and leave electronic devices for “purpose” or maybe i should buy me some windows logo’d shirts and hats & designer vista bling bling .

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