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10 Responses

  1. Max says:

    Even for $10, Gravity is worth it… my opinion of course.

  2. Dvir Reznik says:

    Important post Hillel!

    I second Max regarding Gravity – if you have a Symbian phone, invest the $10 in Gravity. Awesome social client – other than multiple twitter accounts, it also supports Google Reader (Beta, limited to 1,000 items), Foursqaure, Facebook (Beta, news/status updates only) and StatusNet. Highly recommended!

  3. Parthiban says:

    I am using gravity, i think for $10, its pretty much worth it, very quick, user friendly also uploads photos, views photos and external links too

  4. NoDiggity says:

    twidroid made me happy for a year now.

  5. I´m using Snaptu and it works very well for me. Perfect for any mobile with Java

  6. Andy says:

    A full-blown Twitter app which i use is Tvider.
    Tvider mobile app is available on iPhone,Blackberry,Symbian,Android,J2ME and Brew devices.

    Check out Tvider..

  7. Info Gadget says:

    thanks for sharing. nice stuff!

  8. David says:

    The HTC-EVO has an android app called peep which works flawlessly…

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