An Interview with Guy Kawasaki: The Man Who Made Apple “Cool”

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16 Responses

  1. Lisa says:

    Regarding Guy’s answer to #2, that is a very scary thought. He’s right in many ways though. In five years more people will use mobile devices to connect to the web than desktops. Companies and blogs will need to have mobile web-friendly sites in the same way that now they have to be IE/FF/Chrome-friendly and applications will be the way for the most effective interactions. Since the iPhone isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and will continue to gain more of the mobile market, creating apps for the iPhone will become even more essential for reaching audiences. While I understand Apple’s censorship in the app store, when Guy puts it in these terms, that’s scary.

  2. hilzfuld says:

    Thanks Lisa, I could not agree more. I feel like between Apple and Google, every aspect of our lives will be dictated to us in the near future.

  3. Oren Todoros says:

    Interesting little read. I’m not to sure about blogs and websites being controlled by Apple though, that sounds a little too far fetched. The internet has always been about user generated content. Once and IF it turns to Apple Approved Content, it’s going to become a very monotonous environment.

  4. Sharel says:

    Love it! thanks man.

    my favorite quite:
    “the biggest mistake you can make with an online business is to try to do everything perfectly—and therefore not evolve fast enough”

    we do try to make thinks too perfect and over-think it.

  5. yitz.. says:

    the most convenient form of #2 in the future would be to have a way to auto-install (with user permission of course) a mobile app if you visit that app’s website from your mobile.

    that way i don’t need to search the appstore for the facebook app etc.

    you should be able to go to a url and begin a download..

    what to do w/ phishing then? good question :)

    (maybe it could be like configuring an openSearch xml on your domain, only it would be an openApp xml)

  6. Olivier says:

    Nice catch Hillel.

    Guy is a fantastic marketer. He’s succeeded a couple of times over but the cult that is Apple seems to have helped a little more than is deserved. I’m not really a fan and more than that I really have him in a category now that’s noise or spam.

    Again, great getting an interview with Guy. Very nice job.

  7. hilzfuld says:

    Thanks guys. Olivier, I hear that, but then again, you dont follow me so… :)

  8. Rena says:

    No Way. There is no way that people are going to go from immediate gratification of getting their information out immediately to waiting for Apple to approve.

    I think that Apple makes great products, but their customer service really leaves a lot to be desired. I’ve recently had a lot of problems with them, and found out that I am not in the minority of people who are less than satisfied. It’s a pity that they don’t have more people like Guy to straighten up their act.

    Cool interview.

  9. Slipdisc says:

    This video makes me laught. I don’t think Guy made Apple “cool”

  10. Damion says:


    If it is not Google or Apple, it would be Microsoft or Nokia or even worse, AT&T or Verizon dictating the terms to the end user. We should be glad that the company that owns the network does not dictates the software we are allowed to use.

    The idea that companies will dictate our lives is somewhat over-hyped. I believe the main area where consumers need more to focus on are the telecommunication companies. I firmly believe that these companies should not be allowed to dictate anything more then a fair price for bandwidth. Some of these companies act deceptively and try to fool the public into believing that bandwidth is equal to oil.

    I believe that Telcos and content need to be separated because of conflicts of interest eg: supporting one’s own content with better quality then another competitor, or by blocking it It remains to be fully seen how this will play out and it should be a concern.

    Comcast has already shown us that.

    I feel this is where people need to be looking.

  11. Ashley says:

    Come on folks, I think Guy was joking about Apple and the Web site approval. Cheers, Ashley.

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