Stop Saying it’s Too Late for BlackBerry and Microsoft. It’s Too Early to be Too Late!

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7 Responses

  1. veeru789 says:

    Excellent article. Only time will tell if BB10/WP8 will succeed or not. But some people believe these platforms are the most future proof in terms of technology ( And after using these devices i believe this is true. Only argument is apps. most of them are there and for the ones that arent still on board, well with a browser as good as BB10 browser i dont think one needs apps for lot of services.

  2. Teko Saur says:

    Nice try. :).

    But, both Google and Facebook created a new model that took their market by storm by reshaping it from A to Z.

    Apple did the same thing while introducing the iPhone and later echosystem.

    There’s not a single chance copy-cats can catch up in value.

    The entry barriers installed by Apple/Google in the mobile spectrum are now too high. Even the chinese know it: if you can’t create a market, you’re doomed to compete with pricing. And here, both Blackberry & Microsoft are just finacially walking deads. 😉

    You can check my own rant on why Blackberry sucks here :

  3. John Peters says:

    BlackBerry Z10 makes Android and iOS look like they’re from the dinosaur age. Time for all the Fandroids and iSheep to come to greener pastures.

  4. Kari Swenson says:

    I will fully admit I know almost nothing about Blackberry’s latest innovation. But with a company like Microsoft, they have a huge opportunity coming. About 25 to 30% of mobile users use smart phones. When more and more users make that transition what will they be looking for. Something that is easy to learn, because the tech junkies are already in the market. They’ve just released a new OS that is built to easily transition between the PC & phone. And those I know who have a Windows phone love it. I think they’ve learned some lessons and are definitely heading in a smarter direction again.

  5. That’s right! You tell ’em! (Though I am guilty of uttering all your statements in the second paragraph.)