Nokia N97, iPhone, and Modu Go Head to Head

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6 Responses

  1. miry says:

    yay! iPhones for israelis.
    Apple products simply perform better, last longer, and look sexier than any other brand or product on the market. I recently sold a 4 year old powerbook g4 for 3000NIS. Think about it: what other computer would sell for such a high price after being used for 4 years? Dell? IBM? Viao? Any of these computers would be completely useless and worth practically nothing after 4 years.
    I see the iPhones taking a similar wave- I just say a posting for a 2G iPhone for sale for about $300 with very competitive bidding.
    To put it simply, people want Apple products and EVERYONE, even non-Mackies would consider an iPhone a huge upgrade from whatever devise they currently use- BB, Palm, Nokia, you name it.

    Side note, Nokia posted a 66% decline in profits from last year.

  2. jon b says:

    iPhone will trump the N97 unless Nokia can blow past not only bloggers, but the mainstream media. They need to bring high production value (ala Apple) to Israel in a locally compelling manner.

    Because head to head, the iPhone has a stronger cultural cache, and a MUCH stronger app store offering.

    Modu is still an incredible concept, but they need to become very tactical. However, the concept was developed in a different day and age, when phones were still clunky. Their proofs of concept are nice, but their real world execution needs to be smooth, complete with curves, a groundbreaking UI and a strong phone-envy. The experience, from the unboxing through the day to day user experience needs to scream “better”. The QWERTY add-on needs to be flawless, and their GPS add-on needs to have a large, possible foldable screen.

    iPhone has powerful momentum. And while blogger pass along is a strong driver of perception, Nokia needs to go further to overtake iPhone cultural cache. Modu needs to prove their value as a competitor. Looking forward to seeing this play out, it’s an exciting time to be in mobile in Israel!

  3. hilzfuld says:

    John, thanks for reading and commenting. Could not agree more, although if Modu had everything you described, they would not be Modu, they would be Apple :) Anyway, keep reading.

  4. tnspr569 says:

    Sadly, I think you may be correct about Modu, Hillel. Their time has passed.

  5. hilzfuld says:

    tnspr569, let’s hope they surprise us all…