Nine Drastic Changes the Mobile Industry Will Undergo Within Three Years

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6 Responses

  1. Dave Sheehan says:

    Thanks for a great read!! Welcome To The Future!

  2. Great article, congrats.

    I’d humbly add a trend that is progressive but massive replacement of desktop devices by tablets and mobiles. This already began with notebooks few years/months ago and now they’re being toggled out by the iPads product category.

    When speking about mobiles, as it was true right from the beginning in Japan (for cultural reasons) and under-developed economies (for purchasing power and land-line reasons), now it’ll be true for a considerable stake of the mass market because of the affordable, big very good quality screens and app-stuffed OSs-Platforms that allow no-need-to-share private-personal environments.


  3. Riyazi says:

    Excellent article. Lots of great info and interesting read.

  4. Jeffrey says:

    1. I suggest your first point being replaced by ‘cloud computing’, which might be a major change in coming years. Data sync and sharing will be done via cloud. Besides, i don’t see a good chance for wireless charging in near future.
    2. other than looking for a easier way of charging, i am eager to see a dramatic development in battery industry, so that we can enjoy much longer working time with the same size of battery.

  5. Dr. Anil says:

    Great & informative article. The impact these will have on the telecom industry can almost be predicted. You will see further industry consolidation & flattening or even drop in their revenues. So, will this impact build-up of fibre infrastructure ? A reader’s guess is as much as mine.

    The political revolutions, especially in the middle-east was triggered by the ease of Internet usage and spread. Now move-over Internet, its the Mobile that will do the magic, using internet and other platforms.

    Cheers, and keep these coming.

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