Four Unfortunate Ways Twitter Is Killing Tweetdeck

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    • +1 / Like / total agreement.

      HootSuite pretty much takes care of all of that. I hear you on the loss of TweetDeck, but I’d wandered from that path long ago as I worked between multiple computers and couldn’t be bothered to load up an application each and every time :)

  1. Dan Levy says:

    Great post Hillel. I, too, installed the new Tweetdeck sorta excited to see what kind of new features would be brought in and was super disappointed by the new version and quickly went back to the old version.

    I don;t know if you saw this with yours but with mine, my Tweetdeck account didn’t even import the bulk of my lists & saved searches so I will have to manually set them all up. The word “ARGH!” came to mind when I saw that.

    Lastly, as I mentioned on Twitter: The only reason I can think of that Twitter is moving towards the quotes for retweets as opposed to the good ol RT is that it saves one character due to the space between the RT and the person’s Twitter handle.

  2. I’m with you, Hillel. I’ve been using TD for years, and have been growing more and more disappointed with it (e.g. having to update my settings EVERY SINGLE TIME it updates, can’t you remember I want to see international fonts?)

    I have been holding off switching to Hootsuite out of loyalty, but I’m pretty much at the end of my rope here.

    By the way, since you aren’t southern, I’ll just help. “If it ain’t BROKE, don’t fix it.” Not broken :-)

  3. hilzfuld says:

    Ha, thanks Talia, I couldn’t bring myself to write “broke” with my grammar OCD and all :)

  4. Dude, I’m a grammar nerd if there ever was one, but you can’t mess up the way something is supposed to be said! 😀

  5. Dragisha says:

    Really good article, I was totally fucked up when I saw new Tweetdeck yesterday, so much problems, missing stuff, ah… Terrible! I had to download 0.38.2 again… Question is how long it will work now, if we know that twitter makes changes to it’s API really often…

  6. Adam Casto says:

    I agree. Those are my main points as well (using the Chrome plugin). Though I would probably add the general lack of consistency as well. Such as:

    There are three different ways to “go back”. The ESC key works on the compose modal box (though it clears anything you were typing) as well as clicking the “X”. Clicking the background does nothing. The ESC key doesn’t work on any other modal dialogs, for example, you have to click the “X” to close it. When opening a tweets details or whatever, you have to click the “<- Back to home" link.

    That giant right-arrow takes you to those columns on the right (and breaks horizontal scrolling), but then no left arrow to take you back. You have to use the column navigation thing at the top.

    Then there are just the annoying things, like: No ability to delete tweets. Broken keyboard shortcuts. No threaded view or option to see conversation. Broken inline photo/video viewing. No longer shows if someone is following you back. No longer allow you to view inline someone's profile pic (takes you to twitter site).

    So so so annoying. I just got done switching my Linux desktop environment from Gnome because they decided to go and change the entire UX in Gnome3, and now this. I have probably spent a good week this fall just trying to find alternatives or workarounds to tools I use everyday because someone decided they needed to change everything that worked.

  7. Mathys says:

    And… they just deleted Mobypicture from the image and video sharing options. There are many many user complaining about this.

  8. Dan Levy says:

    My friend on Twitter @oytamarind told me there is a great word in German for things like this:
    “Schlimmbesserung” which means an improvement that ruins everything.

  9. Cat MacKinnon says:

    i was blissfully unaware of just how much TD had changed, until last night. i tried sending two separate replies during a conversation, and noticed that long updates weren’t working (i’m still using 0.38.2 or whatever it is). so i headed over to the TD website to see if there was some kind of outage (the old TweetDeck crew was pretty great at letting everyone know when there was some kind of service outage, or other support issues).

    when the new website loaded, my heart sank. i could tell almost immediately that the TweetDeck of the past was no more, and spending just a couple minutes on the website confirmed that. no more TD blog, the support section is pretty sparse, and everything just felt cold and corporate. kinda like they were saying, “here’s the new TweetDeck! download it and then go away.”

    and then i found out that, not only did Twitter kill the long update service (which was great when having an ongoing conversation with someone), they killed the Linux client. i’ve been using Linux almost full-time for the past two years (i think i only log into my Windows partition every few months). not only is there no Linux TD client available anymore, they seem to have erased all mention of Linux from the TweetDeck website, aside from the suggestion that i could use the new web-based TweetDeck client…

    except that i use Firefox and it doesn’t work in that browser. i don’t like Chrome, and i don’t like the fact that Tweetdeck only works exclusively in TWO browsers (Chrome and Safari). it’s been quite a while since i was an active web developer, but i thought we’d long since moved past having websites only work in certain browsers. it’s a huge programming faux-pas for a site to not work on any browser, and if the new TweetDeck web app is supposed to be based on HTML5, there’s absolutely no excuse for it not to work in FF! hell, even Angry Birds for Chrome works in Firefox!!!

    besides, if i wanted to use a web-based Twitter interface, i might as well just use the regular Twitter website. with as many features as Twitter has stripped from TD, i no longer see the benefit. given that Twitter is rolling out a brand new interface across their website, part of me wonders if they’re intentionally destroying TD so that users will come back to their website.

    back when Twitter acquired TweetDeck, they assured us that it would still be the best Twitter client available. i expected them to make some changes, but they effectively stripped away every good feature that TweetDeck had and ruined the best Twitter client available.

  10. Flo says:

    I found out a way to bring back the normal ‘RT @…:’ retweet into the desktop TweetDeck app. (The desktop app for Mac that is.)

    It’s very easy and only takes two minutes, just follow these steps:

    – In Finder, right click the TweetDeck icon and choose “Show package contents”

    – Open Contents –> Resources –> htdocs –> web –> scripts

    – Replace the “default.js” file with the following file:

    – If needed, type in your password and restart the TweetDeck application and you’re done.

    This small modification actually turns TweetDeck into a nice app. Glad I found it out. Doing this on a PC cannot be more difficult.

  11. Vegau in DC says:

    Twitter didn’t do themselves any favors after they basically ransacked Tweetdeck after they bought it. They stopped listening to the user – which is a terrible thing to do when it comes to social media. Someone above said “Welcome to Hootsuite”… I think they’re right.

  12. hatie123 says:

    I updated my TweetDeck when the new one was available and I just could not get used to it. Too many negative changes. So I uninstalled it and installed the older one, thank God. Now if I get a notice to update TweetDeck then I just click no. My problem is solved.

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  17. So true I am having huge problems. I loaded in a way of sending my tweets to my FB and now I have lost my other twitter account in the tweet deck. Any idea how to reinstall my other account? I really miss having linked in on my tweet deck too.

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