The Two Words You Need to Know in Order to Effectively Market your Brand on the Web in 2014

So I was asked to come speak at a Microsoft Bispark event last week. The topic I chose was how to market your brand in 2014. I know, shocker. The thing is, I genuinely believe that my whole “philosophy” in marketing can be summed up in two words. Of course, you are going to have to watch the entire speech to learn what the two words are.


A Video Interview with Jeff Pulver about Elementary School, VoIP, and His New Baby, Zula

I think it is safe to say that if you spend any time on the social web, in the VoIP industry, or most recently, in the world of personal fitness, you have heard the name Jeff Pulver a zillion times. To explain and describe Jeff in a blog post is practically impossible. In fact, even to cover all his accomplishments alone in a blog post would be quite difficult.


Five Questions for Benedict Evans about Mobile and the Relevancy of Microsoft and BlackBerry

Every once in a while, I feel the need to expand my horizons by connecting and learning from new people on the social web. So I turn to my Twitter followers and ask for some recommendations on interesting people to follow. A few months back, someone recommended I follow a mobile analyst by the name of Benedict Evans.


An Interview with Harry McCracken of Time Inc. on Journalism, Mobile, and Israeli Tech

Over the years of blogging, there have been a few defining moments. Not many, but each was pretty significant to me. The decision to leverage my personal blog to interview some of the most amazing people with whom I have connected was such a moment. People like Alyssa Milano, Guy Kawasaki, Walt Mossberg, David Pogue, and many more.