Zune Touch: Too Little Too Late, iPod Touch HD is Coming

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zunetouchAs usual, Microsoft seems to be playing catch, this time it’s with Apple. Rumor has it, Microsoft is going to be announcing their Zune Touch, which is supposed to compete with the iPod Touch. OK, so first of all, couldn’t they come up with a better name? Second of all, I do believe Zunes will never compete with iPods.  More importantly though, seems like Microsoft has missed the boat, again!

Since we are talking about the Zune Touch rumor, let’s look at what current rumors there are about Apple’s next line of iPod Touch. OK, sit down Bill, the next gen iPod Touch, according to some serious and unofficially confirmed rumors,  will not have a 3.5′ screen like the current one. Nope, not 4 or 5 either. Depending on who you ask, the device will boast either a 7′ or 9′ screen.


You heard right! Apple is going to be releasing an iPod Touch HD. It will be a gigantic iPod (obviously it will be more like a tablet device than an iPod) with all the amazing advantages of an iPod Touch, including its OS, accelerometer, and most importantly the App Store. According to Arrington, we have no info on pricing but it is expected to go for significantly more than the $400 32GB iPod Touch.


So what do I mean when I say these rumors are unofficially confirmed? Well, Techcrunch has 3 independent sources for this scoop, including one that has supposedly held the device. That’s good enough for me! Does the thought of an MP3 player with a 3′-4′ touch screen, made by Microsoft, still excite you?



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Hillel is Co Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at ZCast, a company taking on the pain of modern audio broadcasting. Hillel also blogs for many influential sites including TechCrunch, Mashable, The Next Web, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Venturebeat, and others.

Additionally, Hillel mentors startups across Israel in different accelerators including The Google Launchpad, the Microsoft Ventures accelerator, Techstars, The Junction, and more.

Hillel has been named Israel’s top marketer, has been featured on CNBC, Forbes, and many others and was recently added by Google to its marketing experts program. You can find and talk to Hillel on Twitter. He is @Hilzfuld.

  • What’s the point of a PMP with a NINE FOOT screen? Wouldn’t a wall mounted plasma or LCD be better

  • hilzfuld

    OK, I am assuming you were exaggerating with the 9 foot thing, but this would be kinda like a netbook or something similar. Would have full Web, an enhanced OS, access to the App Store, and more. So, cannot really be compared to a plasma or LCD.

  • Jay

    LOL…MicroDUMP. Does anyone really care about those pathetic morons at Microshit.com. You have to be a complete IDIOT to buy anything from that garbage manufactury

  • The 30GB Zunes heard the iPod touch HDs were coming and already have begun spontaneously dying.

  • slaws

    Microsoft are not going to do anything. Apple are not going to do anything.

    Microsoft is going to do something. Apple is going to do something.

  • hilzfuld

    Slaws, not really sure how to respond to that. Thanks for your comment though. Partners in Grime, I did not know the Zunes were ever really alive 🙂 but yea they are really dead now.
    Finally, Jay, I take it you dont like Microsoft, you run a Mac?

  • LexM

    I take it slaws is unaware of how collective nouns are treated in British English, as opposed to American English, and is attempting to ‘correct’ your English.

  • hilzfuld

    Ah, ok. Thanks. Will fix it now

  • hilzfuld

    Not a grammar geek and I am not sure if I was right when I wrote “Microsoft are”, but if it bothers one of my readers, why not fix it? Anyway, keep reading and thanks for the feedback.

  • urgal

    Use of the plural with group nouns (so-called “pluringulars”) is not obligatory, even in British English. In any case companies do not count as group nouns. Microsoft is Microsoft Inc., a legal and grammatical individual. So slaws is correct even for British English.

  • Debbie

    So when is the next gen of the ipod touch coming out?

  • hilzfuld

    Two choices:Either at CES, Jan 8-11 or at Macworld Jan 5-9, so to answer your question, if the new iPod Touch is coming out, we will see it in Jan. Keep reading!

  • Nadia

    Apple sucks!!!!!! They might make some cool stuff (I have to admit that much) but what they stand for sucks! Microsoft is not sh– alright?! They are way better than Apple!
    And MS is going ro come out with a Zune Touch, if you think about what the president of MS said in his interview, ‘where there is a screen, touch will be a part of it’ and it’s probably coming soon, ‘it’s not going to matter where the market is, you’ll see it of a cornerstone of work we do’ he said. I believe those pics might be a mock up though, I’m sure MS would let CNet.com have a first look, not anythingbutipod.com. CNet will be the firsts to have the exclusives.
    MS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 I’m a PC, Macs suck!

  • hilzfuld

    OK happy to hear an opinion that is not heard often. So you like Vista too?

  • j

    Zunes are awsome and have way better features that ipods, not to mention less security.

    • hilzfuld

      Interesting. I never actually used one but how do you explain the iPod’s growing popularity?

  • WIS

    This article is slightly misinformed on the Zune side of things. The “Zune Touch” has never been released or even confirmed by Microsoft, although they do claim they will be making a touch device soon, which is pretty much a given due to current tech trends. So no, that’s not the official name.

    Secondly, the photos were photoshops (Albeit excellent ones) – confirmed by the creator on a Zune forum. Although, I think a device like that would look pretty nice.

    Rumors indefinitely shroud the Apple brand to no end, but this is the first time I’ve heard of a large “iPod touch”. The concept somewhat eludes me, because well, it probably wouldn’t be a portable media device – 7 Inches is a lot to fit in your pocket – so therefor, it wouldn’t be an ‘iPod” but probably a “Mac Tablet” or something like that. (Assuming of course the rumors are true). And while the prospect of a Mac Tablet is indeed exciting, I’m not sure if it would be a very good product. For starters, it would most likely above the 1,000 dollar price point. Secondly, I’m not sure what the purpose of the product actually is. Each of Apple’s products are geared and optimized towards a certain person, activity, purpose. That’s partially the reason of why they are so successful. But an 7-9inch tablet? I’m not really sure what the target audience is. Tablets in the current laptop industry is still a very niche product, even for Windows PCs (of which there is a laptop for just about anything with anything for anything).

  • hilzfuld

    Hi WIS,
    Thanks for your feedback. Sorry if I was not clear, but this post is mainly about rumors. None of these pictures are real, I thought that was obvious, otherwise the title would have included the word “introduced” or “Released”. Anyway, as for the large iPod Touch, there are a LOT of sites talking about it, and yes it would be sort of like a tablet. As for the target audience, well I guess it would target those people that need a middle of the line highly portable laptop, something in between a netbook and a laptop. Who knows?Anyway, thanks for your feedback.

  • Envy

    okay id like to say that zunes are better in ipods when you compare them to its competitor the zune80gb is better than the ipod classic 80 and same with the rest of the click wheel series when compared to the rest of zune software this is because of simple features such as radio and wireless which only appeared from the ipod touch onwards. Next if zune does release a new “touch” as claimed it will have extra features which will soon be copied by apple as has been shown in the past ( rotating sideways for videos, free games without hacking).

    The only reason i believe that Apple is selling more mp3’s as i know people are going to nag about is because of steve jobs. He is a great person and i was saddened to hear he has cancer but that also means that the Apple “intiative” as they like to call it will be hindered

    what a long post >.<

  • synthmeister

    Look at the new phone from Toshiba, (http://www.geeky-gadgets.com/?p=10238) It has a 4.1 inch WVGA touchscreen display with a resolution of 800 x 400.

    That’s probably a more reasonable prediction of where the new iPhone, iPod touch are going. And if Microsoft has any sense, their new Zune will have at least that resolution. If past is predictor of the future, MS will simply rebrand the Toshiba TG01. The original Zune was a rebranded Toshiba Gigabeat.

    And yeah, the Zune had WiFi before iPod. Big whoop. You couldn’t surf the web, email, IM, run Google maps, listen to Pandora (way better than a crappy FM tuner) or buy and download music directly over the wifi connection.

    Saying Apple is selling more mp3’s is because of Steve Jobs is just plain bizarre. You might as well say, Toyota is selling more cars because of their CEO or MS sells more computers because of Balmer. They all made a better widget AND were in the right place at the right time.

    Apple’s widget was a combination of hardware (iPod), software (iTunes), and storefront (iTunesMusicStore). Do you remember what Steve Jobs said when they came out with the iTMS? “We’ve created this music store, which I think is nontrivial to copy. I mean, to say that Microsoft can just decide to copy it, and copy it in six months–that’s a big statement. It may not be so easy.”

    That was 6 years ago. Neither MS or anyone else has been completely able to copy any success of the iPod and the same thing is happening with the iPhone.

  • Zac

    Really, you actually think they are going to come out with a 7″ or 9″ screen, that wont fit in a pocket, so highly unlikely…..

    And HD, technically through HD gurus you can not even tell a big difference or even experience 1080p untill you get to about 35″. So and iTouch are to overpriced to begin with, who is going to pay $500 for a mp3 that is going to break in a year. The Zune 120 is almost four times as much as the 32 iTouch, and almost half the price. OMG it’s just a touch screen……

  • hilzfuld

    OK, let me start off by asking where you guys came across this post? I wrote it months ago and it is getting all this traffic all of a sudden. Where is it coming from? Second of all, I need to take a side here and I take synthmeister’s. Zac, it is not just a touch screen. The iPod Touch, coming from a person who owned older iPods is far superior to any other portable media player out there. I am not going to list the things it does here, but I am telling you, the Zune does not compare. As for the 7 or 9 inch screen, it is not meant to fit in your pocket, it will be like an Apple Tablet, which Im sure would do very well. I for one, cannot wait.

  • Leyus

    lololololololol failpod is fail

  • Synthmeister

    Hey hilzfuld, I think I ran across your link on the MacSurfer’s Headline News. Not sure why it showed up 2 months after you first posted it. But you seem to be on their radar now.

  • hilzfuld

    Synthmeister, thanks, keep reading…

  • ZUn3AG3

    I’m pretty sure the zune touch is coming. I sure hope so anyway. Best Source I’ve seen so far is this: http://i42.tinypic.com/1z5of49.jpg

    I’m a zune user as you can tell. If you want to be like the rest of the planet, buy yourself an Ipod. For origanality, maybe to be a little UNIQUE, get a zune my friends. :]

    • hilzfuld

      Hey man, thanks for the feedback, I am glad you enjoy your Zune but I, along with most of the planet do not buy a media player to be unique. I love my iPod Touch, sorry bro.

  • Tg7866

    Cant’s wait for the Zune touch maybe youll see a hard drive and zunes are a bit nicer than the ipod classics so lets see what they have to offer in the future:)

  • hilzfuld

    Thanks Tg7866, I guess only time will tell

  • Meltdown

    Honestly whats the difference some ppl like the iPod some ppl like the Zune what the hell does it matter.

    Neway im gonna come out and just say it im a fan of the Zune cause im a pc user but quit complaining did ne1 complain when Burger King copied Mckie D’s with the happy meal… no exactly

    it all comes down to whether or not the mp3 player, fast food restaurant, or what ever it is has what that particular person wants on it.

    ne complaints or coment or what ever you can email me at bamelton91@gmail.com

    I’m 17 and I’m a pc

  • Kobe24

    Lol, Zune Touch needs a better name, but I would def. choose that over a “portable” media player with a 9 inch screen, wtf? Hopefully Zune would have a browser and such though…

    oh PS, Meltdown makes good points

  • Jonathan

    Ok, let me just say these few points . I never had an iPod, but my cousin and sister have . I’ve had, without regret, a Zune . Now, let me say a few things about the iPod . :

    -They’re too Pricey .
    -They have no Capacity .
    -They are too fragile .
    -They have some cool devices (Touch)

    Now, my cousin had a Nano . he had it for quite a while, and unfortunately, it slipped out of his hand and fell on the ground . when he picked it up, it would not turn on AT ALL . That, in my opinion of course, is not my money’s worth .

    Now, let me point some things of the Zune . :

    -A lot of capacity
    -Saves you a lot of money than an iPod
    -Always have had Bigger screens, even minus the Touchscreen .
    -They have a greater battery life .
    -They can drop on the pavement/ snow, it’ll turn right back on without an issue .

    Now, the iPod making the Touch is really cool, I’ll admit . but it does not get you through the day of listening to music . To me, that’s a major con . and the space is very low .

    Also, there’s a great possibility that the nxt Zune will be Touchscreen . and no Hillel (author of the article), it won’t be called the ‘Zune Touch’ . that’s obviously what everyone around is calling it because it will possibly be a touch screen . and as Zac said, you can’t possibly experience HD in a 9″ screen . I mean, really, if an iPod Touch is gonna be HD, its gonna possibly be a small Touch-screen TV . lmaOo, imagine that . !!!

    Soo ya, when the next Zune comes out, I’m pretty sure it’ll be a more negotiable price than the iPod Touch . and, since I don’t want to be a part of the rest of the world with iPods who could have saved 100s of $$$ for the year, I’m gonna stick to Zunes and I WILL purchase the next Zune . :):)

  • Phil

    I would like the ipod touch better if it had a hard drive on it. i do not know why they don’t A 120 gb ipod touch would rule. The other thing would be the ability to ad 3rd party applications to it like windows mobile or especiall android from google. i never liked the control apple has over its products. I understand why i just do not like it

  • libtz

    I have to give props to both companies. Apple has certainly paved the way for mp3 players everywhere, and zune has kept up with them fairly well.
    However, when it comes down to it, I believe zune is the better product.
    I’ve been saving up money to buy a nice mp3 player for months, and after all of my research, the zune appears to be the most dependable, and affordable.
    -aren’t as fragile
    -have subscription services for music
    -are hard drive based devices
    -are way less expensive for more memory space
    -have a beautiful UI

    Zune doesn’t have a touch screen out yet…but when they do, I will be a proud owner of the new Microsoft product.

    If your website is legit, ZUn3AG3, I will be one happy camper in the Fall of 2009!

  • ipodsucksdick

    you guy just are pissed that microsoft beats the crap out of every other electronic dealer
    let me guess that your also ps3 fans as well as ipod idiots
    your just mad because zune finnally decided that ipod has had long enough to play around and think that they are in charge of music players and are going to wipe the floor with that cheap piece of crap ipod

  • Mr. Sir

    i love how most of you say the zune sucks when probably half of you have never used one. I had a few ipods now i have a zune and i got to say i like it so much better. The zunes kick the regular ipods butts. but i will say the itouch is better only because all it is is a crappy pda

  • Dudeguy

    Apple may have a device coming out with HD capability, but so does Microsoft. The new touchscreen interface Zune will have an HDMI output to hook up a small handheld device to an HDTV in order to produce its high definition picture. I would much rather have the Zune and have this capability than lug around an oversized iPod. But maybe that’s just me.

  • Wow, thank you u all for reading and taking the time to comment. Only time will tell what products were just rumors and what will really see the light of day…Just keep reading 🙂

  • Sam

    I think most of the opinions on here are bias, and that most of you just say what you think.

    Well, to me, that’s really stupid.

    Now, personally, I prefer Zune. Why? Well it’s more user friendly. When I first picked up an iPod, I had no clue what I was doing. It was so unorganized. When I first picked up a Zune, it was great. I could find everything so quickly without having the trouble of asking my friend. I soon purchased a Zune. Don’t forget the Zune software is amazing. So much better than itunes. I hate using itunes.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like iPods, but their just so expensive. Why spend $300 on 16gb when you can spend $150 for the same amount? I would say I enjoy Mac, but when it comes down to it, it’s not worth the money to me.

    I do like iPod touches. They are awesome devices. The app store is absolutely amazing. That’s probably one thing that I like more about the iPod than Zune.

    Now, this idea of the iPod touch HD? I think it’s cool. Will I buy it? Probably not. Look at the concept art? That’s a sweet device. Now when you get yours in the mail make sure to buy some 9″ screen protectors. You just wasted your money if you scratch that thing. Ok, so, where will you keep it? Gee, I don’t know. Did you buy that little backpack that came with it? – I’m not trying to be an ass, but think about it. It’s a cool idea, but if you don’t take care of it, you need to be slapped in the face. That’s one thing that bugs me is when people don’t take care of their devices.

    I like this iPod touch HD, but I just don’t see it being something having a long life. People won’t take care of it. They just wasted their $600 (whatever the price, you know Apple).

    This argument reminds me of Mac and PC. Except that this one is debatable. I see some good points on both sides. But have you ever been to a Mac store? I’m not bias towards Mac or PC, personally I love the Macbooks. The customer that knows nothing about computers comes in. The sales associate asks “May I help you?”, the customer responds, “Yes, what is better about Mac than Windows?”, “Well the advantage Macs have, is that they don’t have so many Viruses”. Woah wait a minute. “…they don’t have so many viruses”…. Yeah the customer will buy into that. And so do so many other people. Kids are so easily manipulated by Mac, because they’re smart. Am I this stupid? No. Let’s see… to get a virus, you have to TRY to get a virus. They don’t just walk in and say “Hey, how are you? Um, I’ve had a great time, but you’re computer’s toast now, bye.” No. Doesn’t happen. Unless you don’t have a firewall or virus protection and look up porn all the time. Well, good news. Every PC has a firewall! And AVG free is one of the best virus protection programs out there. It’s free. How about Malware? Well their are plenty of those too, Malwarebytes is one.

    I could go on and on and completely change peoples minds about Mac, but that’s not why I posted. Many of you have now heard of the Zune HD. People say it’s just a rumor, but I doubt it. IPod is coming out with one, so Microsoft decided they should announce theirs. They’ve been working on it for a while, by the way (same with iPod, I was making a point), they just sort of leaked it out to tease fans, and to keep Zune lovers loyal. Heck, I was thinking of buying an iPod touch if Zune wasn’t going to make up their mind. Good thing they did.

    Don’t like my post? Email me.
    Don’t make fun of my emails, I just made a better point than any one of you.

    P.S. hilzfuld, thanks for the post. Just stop being so loyal to one side after you post this. It bugs me.
    Oh, and if anyone thinks they have a better point about Macs, I would like to know.

  • Jason

    umm wow. zune is so much better than ipod. i pod sucks, really, there so ugly. zunes have better material and more futures. ipod sucks…

  • Ken

    I love my Zune. I owned both iPod and Zune and the Zune is just so much nicer and user friendly and has a better interface. Granted these are the older models of the devices but I cannot spend the massive amounts of money right now to buy the 3G iPhone because that’s the only Apple product I would consider buying over the Zune. I’m not saying Apple is terrible but Zunes just seem much more durable and user friendly with what I’ve worked with.

  • Have to agree with the “Apple sucks” comment. I have a Mac and a PC. Mac Genius told me my Apple laptop was a LEMON but Apple refuses to replace it. I have the 3 year-top-of-the-line Apple guarantee. Everything is screwed up on it – on my third hard drive, the optical drive scratches CDs, crashes constantly – if their own people say it’s F**** and should be replaced, why aren’t they? They’d rather rebuild it bit by bit than keep a customer happy. So yeah – APPLE SUCKS. I USED to be a HUGE fan – but not after this nightmare. Vista sucks too. If BOTH companies would quit worshiping at the altar of the almighty dollar and concentrate on customer service – the money WOULD follow.

    The market is ripe for Linux – IF they could get it together. Someone will figure it out soon and THEY will make a kazillionbillion dollars simply by “DOING THE RIGHT THING.”

  • Shayde

    OK, i LOVE iPod and Apple! But i must say that the biggest reason why iPods have such a popularity rating is because of the status that comes with owning one. iPod has replaced the term “mp3/4 player”…..It’s not necessarily the hardware that makes the iPod so popular, its the status symbol that comes with owning one.

  • Liz

    dont come to an iPod/Apple site to rant on it… we dont wanna hear it. kthx bye

    on a happier note… I love apple and the iPod.. thanks apple <3

  • I for one rather Zunes. Do all those ipod owners who never tried zunes really have reason backing them up when they say zunes suck? Well most of the time they don’t.

    The most common argument coming from people is this : nano’s are much better! They are touch sensitive on the little wheel! Zunes only have a big ugly button! Then I answer : Hey did you know, that the big button is entirely touch sensitive? And it also has 2 other buttons allowing for more control when you use it to for example play games that Microsoft allow you to download for free? And then they say : zunes are just @$@*\)@ crap!

    Truth is… ipods aren’t any better than zunes at all that many things… The zunes however have many advantages over the ipod like the wireless sync!

    Now the ipod touch is a whole other story. I love the ipod touch actually and I would love to own one (well at least till a zune touch see’s the light of day) the actual reason I don’t have one is mainly the price. I mean if I want to make the most out of my i-touch I’ll need at least 16 GB since all the apps and stuff I’ll put on is bound to take up at least 8 GB and I’d like to have some spare storage. Bottom line is however, that the i-touch 16 gb is way over my budget. I don’t want to pay 275 bucks for a 16 gb ipod touch and for an 8 gb I’d never pay 225 bucks either… My zune 8 gb was only a mere 120$ the other day while the ipod nano 8gb was 180$! 60$ difference for a better product? AWSOME!

    I used to own a 3rd gen ipod touch 8gb. Unfortunately the screen shattered when I dropped it on the street when it had it’s silicone skin on. However now with my new 8gb zune I could probably throw it on the street and it would survive with a silicone skin. In fact 3 days ago I was biking and my front wheel hit a pothole sending me flying forward landing on my side. That side had a pocket which contained my zune. The zune is intact, it basically survived a 160 pound person falling on it while on asphalt! Now that is a tough device!

    If you read this entire post you really had a lot of time on you hands… It took me nearly 15 minutes to type XD! If you still hesitating between an ipod nano and a zune get a zune. If your wanting an i-touch wait till zune touch is out!

  • Eliasj

    Hmmm, I see too many people here being like, ‘OMG IPHONE+IPOD TOUH OWN ALL LOLS!!111ONE!!SHIFT11!”
    So, I will remind you all of other media devices that match the iPod touch and phones which match the iPhone.

    Media devices: Archos 5, Samsung P3, Cowon O2. Creative Zen X-Fi, Microsoft Zune 120, SanDisk Sansa Clip.

    Those are just a few mentions, I’m sure there are a lot more. (not to mention all the iPod knock offs which have gone as far as to add a camera to it)

    And now we come to the phones… I’m gonna list brands here, I don’t wanna be typing all day.

    Smart Phones: Samsung (Omnia, Instint, Blackjack 2) HTC (Touch, Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, Touch HD) Blackberry (Curve, Storm, Bold) Nokia (E-Series, N-Series) HP iPAQ, Palm Treos.

    All of the above phones have a lot of features which even an iPhone cant offer. There is nothing that special about an iPhone. Playing games on it isn’t even an option cause it drains battery life in 3 hours. The only thign the iPhone has right now is a relatively big App market (which a Windows Mobile phone also has many apps)

  • Wow, a lotta comments. I will just state my humble opinion on the matter. Yes, there are other phones and media players that have more features than iPods and iPhones, but none of them have a user experience that even comes close to that of Apple’s.
    I think between the iPhone’s interface, the app store, and the functions, it is the best mobile phone on the planet, by far. Just my opinion, feel free to disagree… Thanks for reading people, appreciate it.

  • dev

    lol, i cannot believe people cannot catch onto the fact the 7-9 foot is a typo,lol. it says that the current ipod touch has a 3.5 foot screen if you look at it like that. he simply hit ‘ instead of “. god

  • sam

    yeah lol, it stood for inches, not feet

  • Jeremy

    Hmmm, I see too many people here being like, ‘OMG IPHONE+IPOD TOUH OWN ALL LOLS!!111ONE!!SHIFT11!” LMFAO So true, I own an 80GB Zune and my brother, an 8GB iPhone……… I saw it in all its splendor, then about 3 months later, we’re in the car, me with my Zune and my bro with his awesome iPhone “Hey bro may I see your iPhone?” Now mind you I’ve dropped my Zune three times… moving on. “Sure man but be careful the screen is busted.” “Oh bummer how” “Oh I dropped it on the pavement” I just laughed my ass off. Zune will live on.

    I’m Jeremy I’m 17 and I’m a PC.
    HP G50 Notebook, 2.00GHz Intel dual core duo INSIDE, 3.00GBs of DDR RAM, and a 250 GB HDD.

  • Jeremy

    OH and by the way, it’s not the Zune Touch… come one people… It’s a Zune HD. Because of it’s ability to receive HD radio signals, and output HD movies through HDMI onto an HD TV once again. omg iPod sucks.

  • Landin

    I can’t agree with you more Jeremy! I hopd the Zune also has 7-9″ screen!

  • Josh

    I honestly don’t want a 7′-9′ screen on a portable media player… making the screen that large kind of defeats the whole “portable” part… The screen for the Zune 80 and 120 is perfectly fine in my opinion… not to say that the pics of the above Zune HD!… not touch… look great… ’nuff said

  • Stew

    Why would you want something so big and sensitive to touch in your pocket for god knows how long? Thats a real easy way for Mac to get a fortune through applecare or whatever you have to use to get anything made by Mac fixed. Its like they’ve reversed the chip race: instead of competing to make technology smaller and smaller, we’re backtracking and going in the complete opposite direction. Next thing you know we’ll have 12″ touchscreens that fold up in the pocket. They’ll be called Igantics.
    FYI, you said its 7- 9 FEET long. 7’=Feet. 7″= Inches.

  • Joe

    Yea the iPod kicks ass I’m on it right now

  • Zune phone! It maybe becomes a competetor to iPhone in the furture.The world need new things to breakthrough. It is just a beginning. Waiting for its new performance!

  • I still believe there is no competition to the iphone, at least not now.

  • chris

    How can Microsoft surpass Apple when they copy Apples ideas. LOL Apple has to come out with the product first so Microsoft has something to work off.

  • lilbuddha

    I am not anti-Apple, but they do not invent much. They take existing ideas and market/package them well. Apple do make a good product, but they are hardly inventive. BTW, until the iPod touch, the Zune was a much superior player. The most significant problem any Apple competitor has is the App Store. A 7 to 9 inch screen model will not replace an iPod Touch or Zune. What part of portable is that difficult to understand? It would be a nice supplemental product, though.

  • Nick

    To whoever wrote this, please learn how to write an unbiased report. That was pathetic anti-microsoft propaganda and utterly worthless.

  • Skaevola

    Zune HD will win easily if it has a lower initial price. I still haven’t bought an iPod Touch because I can’t shell out $300 dollars for an mp3 player.

    And a World of Warcraft app wouldn’t hurt 🙂

  • nice

    i am a zune owener and i love my zune they are so much easyer to use than ipods and even the 30gp has a biger screen then most ipods

  • ben

    ipod will still win even if zunes are cheaper

    • Well the ZuneHD does look pretty awesome, but well see…

  • Isaac H.

    I love how people take sides with a company they don’t even fully know.

    To start off,
    Apple products are cheap, enough said. Most of the effort goes into making their products is just deciding, “How can we make this look cheesy and classy?”. For example, an Ipod that was given to me (I would never buy one, honestly) had water damage to it, so I attempted to open it up and repair it. Well, just as I would have expected, unscrewing the device does absolutely nothing, as there are no circuits underneath, just more plastic that has to be broken to get to the inner workings. I’m going to smash this worthless piece of junk as soon as I get my hands onto something more dependable, like Microsoft. They purposefully sacrifice power and dependability for beauty (Although I still find the products unattractive).

    My second point is how they strictly control their customers. Do you really know who makes all the apps for the Iphone? Apple makes all of them. And guess what? If you want to make an amazingly useful app, you must pay Apple a nice large sum of money just to get the rights to even do so. Oh yea, one more thing, Itunes is a JOKE.

    Know your facts, consumers.

  • Richard

    If you’d like to complain about the Zune, then go right ahead. I, for one, rather enjoy the ease of setup and the very intuitive and user friendlyness of the Zune.

    I was able to have my Zune 8 Gig out of the box and up and running in about fifteen minutes. The 8 Gig iPod I bought for my Mom has taken hours.

    The user interface takes a lot of getting used to and you aren’t able to really get it to look where you want for music and videos without a lot of fiddling.

    There is also the issue with converting videos for playback as they need to be converted. I started this process for 28 music videos at 1515hrs and it is currently 1610hrs and a total of5 videos have been done.

    The Zune did over 200 videos in less than 20 minutes.

    As much as I like the fact that the iPod has more options the ease of setup and use of the Zune is much better and I’m looking forward to the ZT when it arrives.

  • people just get the new iphone, hand down better than any other smart phones out there.

  • katie

    who ever wrote this might wanna check what the word portable means .who wants a 7-8 inches screen . and fyi apple already created that. it is called an ipad.what the heck is zune touch ?it is called zune hd.