How Twitter Drove Me to Delete Snapchat from my iPhone’s Home Screen

It happened. After months of gradually lowering my activity on Snapchat and paying close attention to the amount of Snap spam I get on a daily basis, I finally deleted the app from my iPhone’s home screen, which for all intents and purposes means, I just quit Snap.


Call me OCD, but if it’s Not on the Calendar, We Don’t Have a Meeting! 

Ok, here we go again. I have already written about the “right” aka effective way to make a business intro in today’s day and age. Please read that article, it will save you lots of awkwardness. Intros are something people in the business world make daily, sometimes ten times a day, sometimes more. Meetings are the same.


There is A Very Good Chance You are Doing this Whole Communication Thing Wrong

Seriously speaking, this is a post I should have written a decade ago. In that sense, I have been thinking about it and cooking up this post for the better part of the past decade. And to be honest, with the growth in popularity of social, aka, communication platforms, the problem has only intensified. It needs to be addressed.


How and Why I Started Vlogging Via A Whole String of Crazy Stories

What an insane week it has been! You see, my professional bucket list is not all that long, and it is not that long for one simple reason, I try to cross things off. When I want to accomplish something big, I start small, sometimes fail, but I usually try. Some of the items that have occupied space on that list in the past include building relationships with legends such as Steve Wozniak and Marc Andreessen. Done and Done.


Being a “Sucker” Is the Smartest Thing You Can Do in Business. It Built my Career!

My name is Hillel Fuld and I am, and have been the world’s biggest sucker for the better part of the past decade.


A Live Interview with Noory Bechor, CEO of Lawgeex, The Company Bringing Artificial Intelligence to the Legal World

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The most exciting companies in today’s tech world, pretty much across the board, are companies that took an industry that has not changed or if you want to use buzz words, has not been “disrupted” since forever, and fundamentally changed it.


Why Interviews are a Secret Weapon and Why You’re Insane for Not Embracing them

I love doing interviews, always have. I have done some interviews with some outrageously interesting people over the years. People like Alyssa Milano, Marc Andreessen, Steve Wozniak, and so many others.


Why I Joined EquityX as a Strategic Advisor and Why Startups Need to Pay Attention to this Company

Not much of a reader? I will skip to the end, just for you. If you are a startup founder, you need to sign up for EquityX now. Why? Because you will have access to top talent who are also looking to take on companies like yours and be compensated in equity, and not cash. Win win. Sign up.


A Live Interview with the Founders of prooV, the Platform Bridging Startups and Enterprises

This was the case with prooV. What impressed me about prooV? Besides Toby and Alexey who you can see in the live FB interview I did below, the company is solving a HUGE pain point for both startups and enterprises.


Stop Being that Guy, Start Playing the Long Game, and How Are We Still Talking About This in 2017?

In today’s insanely fast-moving business world, efficiency is key. That is why I use this iPhone hack to save time every day. Efficiency is also the reason I write many of my blog posts. You see, I find myself repeating many of the same things on a daily basis. “Stop asking people to like your Facebook post!”, “Don’t tag me along with 50 other people on a Facebook post”, “That is not how you should ask someone for a business intro, this is!”, and on and on.


A Live Interview with Russell Rothstein, Founder and CEO of IT Central Station, the “Yelp of Enterprise Tech”

Here is your daily dosage of “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” IT Central Station, a company you have never heard of and with a name that, as a marketer, causes me physical pain, is one of the most impressive companies I have met in a while.