Top 6 Ways to Benefit from Twitter

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  1. Ashley says:

    Re: #4 – I desire the information on how it is possible to make this happen for myself. For real. I’ve been out of work since 1/30 and though “FUNemployment” has its nice points, the bills don’t appreciate my lack of work.

  2. hilzfuld says:

    Ashley, you need to build up a network where people know and respect you. Tweet interesting things, and follow interesting people. When your network is built, use it to find a job. This sounds hard, I am talking about a month’s work. It is worth it! Thanks for reading, hope you like the blog! :)

  3. Ron says:

    You can follow the news world; photography, movies/TV, whatever interests you … but for job seekers – your can “follow” the San Francisco Business Times, or the recruiter from Hotwire! And you can get people to reply to your messages / updates; so Twitter is perfect for networking into your next job.

    Use Twitter to build relationships, exchange information, uncover job opportunities, and all within the posting and receiving of concise 140 character messages. It is a phenomenon of real time search and the ability to capture this stream of ‘tweet’ discussions is an important development for job seekers – largely because folks can seek information on job opportunities that might not be available in traditional job search sites.

  4. Highly agree with the first three points on your list. Twitter makes networking super easy since you can find people you want to follow and since nearly every industry is now represented on twitter. I recently wrote that newspapers should not publish daily papers anymore because blogs and twitter beat them to the punch so by the time the print edition rolls out it’s old news.

    I’ve also found out a ton of info from twitter, sometimes it even comes in the form of helping others and thus learning something myself in the process.

  5. @cMALYAk says:

    Great post, as usual!

    #5 was my reason for joining…I don’t really communicate with my favorite stars but it’s fun to read about day-to-day activities and it seems more “real” as opposed to picking up the latest People or USWeekly.

  6. @ElissaBeth says:

    Nice article. Good summary of the practical ways to make use of twitter. I love the story about the friendship and gifts on the birth of your chidl!

  7. hilzfuld says:

    Myma: Thanks for the Amen :)

    Ron: Well said and thanks for that

    Adam: Not sure I agree about the newspapers, but thanks for commenting, appreciate it.

    cmalyak: Always love your feedback, you know that :)

    Elissabeth: We could not believe it when the basket came, it gave us such a nice feeling.

    All of you, thanks so much for reading, i love your feedback. Just keep coming back for more :)

  8. Melanie says:

    Thank you for the article, hilzfuld. More and more, I am seeing the uses of these Social Media Networking tools (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook), but I still feel very detached with regards to using them. I am very much a part of the computer generation, but feel like more like a Baby Boomer.
    Note: Do not read into this that people above a certain age don’t use SMN because that would be a stupid, unfounded statement. I am simply saying that my generation is naturally computer saavy and much more a part of the Social Media Networking world – and I am not. (I felt a bit like a pariah when I boycotted using Facebook for all of these years…)

  9. Sally says:

    Thank you for this article! I probably fall into the age category of your parents and my daughter-in-law “dragged” me onto Twitter. However, in the few short months I’ve been here I’ve learned so much and found such giving people. I’ am quite familiar with technology – or thought I was until I was introduced to this amazing group who have opened new horizons for me. I encourage my generation to jump on board for all the reasons you listed – it is a great experience. I only hope I am adding value to someone else via my Tweets. Thanks again!

  10. Erin Blaskie says:

    Love this post! It’s true – I too have found friends here on the Twitterverse that I’d never have otherwise…

    I love it for relationship building. Makes things exciting, fun and in the present which is amazing.


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