The First 99 People to Follow on Twitter

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55 Responses

  1. Great post – I like your suggestions, I follow a lot of them already…

  2. Itamar W says:

    Pretty sure “introduced me to Twitter”, should be, I dunno, NUMBER ONE???

  3. Hillel: how do you follow all of them? It’s too mind boggling for me

  4. I think you have a great list and I follow a good number of these people as well, but I think you need to define your audience – or explain it better. Yes, they are all nice – but as you wrote briefly at the end, they also mostly address your sphere of interest.

    Many others on Twitter “hang out” in several worlds. Some use the same persona, others use different ones. I use @asoldiersmother for some things. With a son in the Israeli army (actually one was in, was discharged and the second is in now), I have made a world of connections with amazing families, men and women, around the world. Most of the people on your list would be largely irrelevant to them.

    As @writepoint or @techshoret my list would be more in line with yours. In all these personas, I have met amazingly people from all over the world – that is the blessing of Twitter.

    I think the people you have mentioned are very much within your range of topics and it should be specified and defined here. I think you are very correct – that a main factor is the “nice” – and yes, the greatest limitation of the 99 list is that it can contain only 99 names. So, the only difference I would have made is to somehow clarify that these are amazing movers and shakers and communicators that have touched your world in relation to tech and marketing.

    There are other spheres you have – as an Israeli, as a father, etc. and each of these roles might well have their own 99 names.

    Were I to endeavor to do what you have done here, I can think of several names I’d add…only to then force myself to create not one list – but several. Either way – great list, great job!


  5. Shira says:

    Hey Hillel,

    Thank you for adding me to the list. You have a lot of people I seriously respect on here and it’s an honor to be a part of it :)

    Warmest regards,


  6. Diana Adams says:

    Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh… I am number 1??? I’m so humbled and honored and wow, THANK YOU!!!!!! I love how you wrote a little blurb about each person on here!

    I think I’m following almost everyone on this list, but I’m going to double check just to be sure. You left one really important person off this list – YOU. You are such a wonderful friend and I just love following you. Your random thoughts throughout the day always make me laugh.

    Thank you again, you made my week. =))))

  7. hilzfuld says:

    Guys, thanks so much for all the comments, so glad the 5 hours it took me to put this post together paid off.

  8. fx says:

    nice post hillel…

  9. Aditya says:

    Thanks for adding me to the list but seems like u missed yourself. 😀

    Anyway, you are one of the most interesting social media guy I have ever come across. Cheers!!

  10. G. Patterson says:

    Really Interresting buddy, a lot of friends of mine aren’t on tweeter because they still not understand what twitter stand for …

  11. G. Patterson says:

    Really Interesting buddy, a lot of friends of mine aren’t on twitter because they still not understand what twitter stand for …

  12. carlos soares says:

    very interesting article

  13. Jonbg1 says:

    All people of the business world. One happens to be a musician, one happens to be an actress .. probably both are great at business. All I am sure are great at networking.
    Also great at RTing and quoting?
    I have no interest in business, as my bank account shows, but a good list none the less for for those who are.

  14. Although I do follow some people on this list, I believe that twitting should be reciprocal, should create alliances, not just a feed.

    Not that these people are not interesting enough but some of them are just feeds and not really “social accounts” if you know what I mean.

    Great article though.

  15. christian says:

    Wow, great list. I did not make it but feel honored just being able to call many of the “friends” 😉

  16. Mayer says:

    I didn’t make the list? Well that gets you unfollowed.

  17. Xan Pearson says:

    A great list Hillel! I was already following most and am honored and humbled to be included. Thank you!!

    FYI, I tried to click the tweepml link to follow all, but it only brought up about 40 of the ones you listed here. I will go back through the list to follow manually the ones who didn’t show up on the tweepml link.

  18. hilzfuld says:

    Hmm, Xan, can you try again? Works for me. Thanks :)

  19. Olivier says:

    You really need to be careful when putting these lists together. Any time you add the word expert, consultant, top etc.. you’re basically recommending them for the noun that comes after it. Knowing the work of at least 5 people up there first and second hand, you can really do damage to yourself. I totally give you props for having some real quality people like Branko and Alex though. By the way, not having Lisa Barone or Outspoken Media up there is a total travesty. #justsayin

  20. hilzfuld says:

    Thanks Olivier, appreciate the comments as usual. Truth is I added people I personally connected with, and after reaching out to Lisa many times, we just never really connected.

    That says absolutely nothing about her or her expertise. In any case, my only criteria besides people who get it, was to keep the list global and not list local people tweeting in other languages or who tweet mostly about family or personal things.

    Truth is, I had many many more people to add when I reached 99, including you, but I made 99 the cut off. Hope you don’t take it personally, something tells me you could not care less. :)

    In any case, thanks again for the comment.

  21. Hillel,

    Thanks for the list. Very interesting. I’m finding the comments to be even more fascinating. Hmmm.

    Thanks for your hard work. Looking forward to seeing some new tweets.


  22. Xan Pearson says:

    I tried again Hillel. It only showed 51, not in any specific order. Kind of odd. But I love the list, so will go in and manually follow those not showing up on Tweepml.

    You put a lot of work into creating a great list! I’m flattered to be included, but would follow these regardless. :)

  23. Jennifer says:

    Very cool =D

  24. Nice list Hilz. I think it’s time to add @Anywhere though.. because I’m not sure I want to click on all of those links :)

  25. *notes to myself

    Yesterday on Twitter I was reading through my stream and found The First 99 People to Follow on Twitter. I was excited at first because I’m totally looking for awesomeness on Twitter. So… I start madly clicking through the list… especially since before you clicked in the author offered very generous comments beside each twitter users name…comments so grand it gave me the feeling I was getting ready to find the internet version of National Treasure.

    After a long time of clicking and checking people out the CliffNotes way I started to feel like I did that time I took a metaphysics class …like.. I didn’t get it…what was so follow worthy about this group of people? Don’t get me wrong I am sure they are great people and nice like the author said but you would not, by checking out their front page tweets, have any idea if they were worth a follow or not ..outside of trusting this list.

    All I am saying here is that the author of this list is a very sweet person to his twitterlist friends ..But his list is no more valuable to me then if he had just listed 99 of his best friends. It is a good list but …a new twitter person needs to start with what they like and know and understand…If I was brand new and came across this list and decided to blindly follow these first 99 my cup would not be full.

    Idk maybe Paula…in the comments section under the list… explains what I am trying to say better so I’m going to stop here.. except to say…..

    … all was not lost because I was intrigued by what the list said about the Dell twitter page. That’s a major shout out to say a company so perfectly uses twitter that all companies should do it that way too …so for sure I followed Dell to see how they use twitter…and that led me to follow Verizon so I could compare their tweets..So Fun! Oh, plus it was cool to see @adamsconsulting @ # 1 cause I was feelin’ her already.

    *It’s ok if no one understands why comparing two companies tweets might be fun… I guess like the dude that wrote The First 99’s all relative in my mental environment and that’s all that matters :)

    ~ @Moxie_Collins

  26. Sure…
    I’m tempted to click that link you got up there to follow the whole list. Maybe over time I could catch a few of those warm fuzzy feelings that you have for these folks…

  27. hilzfuld says:

    Hey Moxie, I believe I just followed you on Twitter. See you there :)

  28. Psntir says:

    Really great list that totally match my interest field!!

    I was already following a few of these people but I am following them all now even though I had to follow a third manually!

    Thanks again for your article it will enhance my use of twitter making myself save months!!

    Thanks hilzfuld!

  29. Awesome!

    ..I’m gonna click the link…I’m curious about how the link itself does the follow all .. haha

  30. Lisa Barone says:

    I totally agree with everything Olivier said, especially his last part. 😉 Interesting list, glad someone pointed me to it.

  31. hilzfuld says:

    Lisa, thanks for the comment. Maybe now you will respond to me on Twitter :) All good, just playin, Olivier tells me you are great. :)

  32. @Iconic88 says:

    ??? ????

    [hopefully it translates across Hillel 😉

    ???? ???

  33. Thanks for the post. I have been looking to expand on the number of people I follow, and you have helped me add a bunch of great people to my list.

    Thanks a bunch!

  34. hilzfuld says:

    Appreciate all the nice comments, thanks a lot.

  35. Olivier says:

    Still no Lisa. Still no Olivier :-p

  36. hilzfuld says:

    Haha Olivier, who needs to be on some stupid list when you can get one of these?

  37. Thank you so much for including me. It’s a great list, and I’m looking forward to following a few new people.

    But mostly I get to email a link to my mom, because at the end of the day showing your mom some kind words is worth a bucket of gold.

  38. liliales says:

    Well, 2 of these 99 people are on my list. One followed me yesterday so I followed back, the other is the, er, celebrity. Am I doing it wrong if, after 3.5 years on Twitter, I’m not much compelled to add the other 97? Nice business people? If I just started at Twitter and shot all 99 through at once I am pretty sure I’d be…kind of bored and unfulfilled and wonder what I’m doing watching all these strangers talk with each other. I don’t know if they talk about cocktails, the TV show House, or anything else I’m interested in. This isn’t how you cultivate friends. You do it one or two at a time, from what I’ve experienced. But of course, First Rule of Twitter: don’t ever follow other peoples’ Rules of Twitter. You do sound like a nice person, though.

  39. Ving says:

    Thanks for the list :)

  40. james says:

    Might as well add @shanesmith30 – Vice Reporter

  41. This is a great list with some very strong Twitter profiles and rockstars who totally understand that Twitter is all about. Very cool of you to post them in a blog instead of just adding them in a list.

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