Ten Steps to Maximize your LinkedIn Network

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  1. Hi Hillel,

    Nice taking our relationship from Twitter to your blog 😉

    I liked your article, especially the lead in. LinkedIn is confusing for a lot of people, but there is so much value. You hit upon a lot of the most important points, and I share a similar opinion when it comes to photo, groups, etc.

    LinkedIn is not utilized enough, and that is why I decide to write a book about really understanding, leveraging and maximizing LinkedIn, which will be available on Amazon in October. I hope we both can teach a new generation of LinkedIn users “the ropes.”

    – Neal

  2. hilzfuld says:

    Thanks for the comment Neal… and nice to meet ya :)

  3. Drew Hull says:

    Hillel –
    Great posting. There are tons of “how to use” LinkedIn posts out there but you did a great job of setting up the importance and adding color to your recommendations.

    I would like to suggest 3 more ways to maximize your LinkedIn experience:
    1 – Add websites to your profile (blog, twitter profile, etc.) and be sure to customize the name, don’t just use the standard “My Company” title.
    2 – Add applications to your profile. My two favorites are Reading List by Amazon and Bloglink, which I use to pipe in my Twitter feed.
    3 – Use the “Other Interests” section to list not only interests you have, but keywords that people might be searching on that aren’t in your profile anywhere else.

    LinkedIn – http://www.linkedin.com/in/drewhull
    Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/drewh408


  4. hilzfuld says:

    Wow Drew, thanks so much, all three of those are new to me… Connecting with you now :)

  5. Gerald Weber says:

    I think the recommendations are the coolest part of linkedIn. If you have some really good recommendations on your profile that really goes a long way as far as building trust and credibility. LinkedIn also makes the process of getting recommended very simple.

  6. TIm says:

    Sounds like you definitely need to come join us, add some articles and your expertise. Much welcomed!


  7. hilzfuld says:

    Thanks a lot Gerald for your feedback and RT, I know I can always count on you on Twitter. Tim, joining now :)

  8. Elaine Spitz says:

    Hillel – this is a great resource. I have the same attitude about LinkedIn as you originally did. In fact, since I cannot log into it today, I’m even more annoyed! At any rate, I will look differently at it. Drew and the other guys, thank you for your feedback as well.

  9. Robin Fuld says:

    Hi Hillel,

    I’m going to share this with alumni here at LCAD (www.lagunacollege.edu) as well as let people know about Neal’s book.


  10. Wojtek says:

    Nice encapsulation of Linked in must do’s.
    Most people miss the point of the whole social media – its connections!

  11. Steven says:

    All, great info. I’m excited to implement on my page and look forward to more great input.

  12. Ching Ya says:

    I found this link through LinkedIn, I must agree with most of your points here. I see LinkedIn as any social media sites, only a little more serious and professional related. It’s a place to show expertise, while work-related connections are very much desired. The tips you shared applicable in many social networking areas, which reminds me LinkedIn is very much about communications as well.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  13. hilzfuld says:

    Hey Ching, thanks for the feedback, appreciate it :)

  14. Rob Rose says:

    Great to connect up on Twitter – and this is a great post. I’ve passed it along to a few folks who are just thinking about joining LinkedIn. One other thing that I’ve been advising people to do is to choose a strategy about how they’ll handle the various social networks.

    For example, I use my Facebook only for family and friends. My LinkedIn is for ALL of my professional contacts and Twitter is my soapbox where I try to connect with the world. And, then Friendfeed becomes a “lifestream” of my professional and so on…

    Then, your content strategy gets fed out of that… Keeps it very clear…

    Again, great post.


  15. hilzfuld says:

    Thanks Rob, appreciate your input and agree with your strategy, although never really connected to Friendfeed, maybe I will give it another shot… :)

  16. Good ideas. LinkedIn brought me not only quality contacts, ideas, opportunities, but also targeted traffic, and in the end some nice profits as well.

  17. Gary says:

    Great piece, Hillel. I’m going to bookmark it and read it a few more times, until it sinks in :-)

    Many people and businesses join services like Linkedin but only get as far connecting with the people in their address book. But, like any other social network, participation is the thing. If you don’t get involved, nothing will come of it.

    I totally agree with @Drew about adding your website/blog details. In fact, you should be filling out every section and using your profile to its full potential.

    And having said that, I’d better get on with filling out the rest of my profile ;0)

  18. hilzfuld says:

    Thanks Gary and nice to meet ya :)

  19. Oren Todoros says:

    Articles like this stress the importance and key differences between the major social networking sites out there. As much as people in the industry think it’s common knowledge, most still don’t understand how Linkedin differs from Facebook or Twitter. Great work breaking it down to a level that makes sense while being beneficial to the readers.

  20. hilzfuld says:

    Oren, thanks, u da man :)

  21. Jodi says:

    Great tips, and some of the comments were really helpful. I had no idea there were applications available for LI. Duh…


  22. Great stuff Hillel !!!

    I will share with my vast network

  23. Jesus Grande says:

    Great information. I got 2 years looking for “Professional networks’ ” contacts and it’s hard because you need to expend a lot of time searching and writing but finally the results are wonderful.

    Jesus Grande

  24. Great recommendations.
    I´d like to also add that you can put in your main job description below your name your e-mail or your twitter account so that people knows you´re open to invitations.

    And of course… avoid spam in Linkedin, they take good care of privacy.

    http://www.linkedin.com/in/guillermopaz this is mine for anyone who wants to add me

  25. Hillel Scheinfeld says:

    Hillel, As we have discussed, I am not a big blog or social network person. However, I do want to say that when it comes to linkedin I can’t agree more. Best utility on the web. My time is very limited but if you have to choose between FB, Twitter or Linkedin, there is no question, definitely rules! (even though I found the link to this post on FB :(

  26. hilzfuld says:

    Thanks Hillel, appreciate your feedback. I actually posted this on LinkedIn as well, just reposted it recently on Facebook…

  27. JackDHudson says:

    Hillel, excellent article and points I’ve been utilizing for some time now. LinkedIn is scoffed at by some, but I for one attest to it’s relationship building powers. Have met and befriended some amazingly helpful and influential people. Can’t say enough about LI.

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