Why You WILL End up Using Google+

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30 Responses

  1. Miriam says:

    I don’t think you’re wrong.

    But I do hesitate to give over completely to the Google beast. It’s enough that my work and personal emails, pictures, blogs, browser, docs and so on are there – by preserving some of my content in FB and Twitter I feel like I’m diversifying my online investment, so to speak. For example, if my Google PW were to be stolen – that’s a HUGE amount of damage that could be done.

    Diversifying feels like you’re fighting against the Big Brother a little too.

    • J.J. says:

      It certainly seems like Big Brother intends to watch us for a very, very long time. Big Brother is clearly here to stay.

      I too don’t feel comfortable with Google having all of my information. Sure, they already have the technology to get whatever information about me they please. However… to voluntarily give them my information… They say they don’t sell it to third parties. Of course not… they can profit themselves. Why sell to competitors?

  2. Yowzaa says:

    “Google+ Don’t fight it” ??? What the heck?
    I now will do all in my power not to use it.
    Where is diaspora? THAT is the social network I’m waiting to use.

  3. iose says:

    ..and I don’t think you are right! :-)) it is such a desperate attempt to retain all the advertising that is going away on socials (ops..on facebook). The search was our entryhome to the web but now it is mostly social platforms..what do do? let’s go social (three times the did). The pc was the center of our digital world but now it is mobile…what to do? let’s go mobile.
    I give you something new to medidate:
    1) it’s impossible even only imagine 750mln users all active on two, three social nets. Fb is untouchable because, yep, g+ is a clone in its core exp and the integration with its docs suite doesn’t matter :-) I can imagine about 100mln “google” users on g+ in the next years. No more than that.
    2) while google is focusing on following “the others” (from mobile to socials..I repeat “following”) it is going to loose its core (the search..that they don’t innovate for 10years and more) and will end up to experiencing its first big crisis quite soon.
    All the best

  4. Rivki says:

    I do like G+ so far, because of everything you mentioned. However, since most of my friends IRL are considerably less into SM than I am, I’m nervous that they will feel like “why should I start all over from scratch.” I felt that way initially. Also, because most of my actual friends are only on FB, I’m less inclined to share my more personal items (at this point).

    So, I’m hoping that as more people hop on over to G+, I’ll be able to utilize it to a fuller extent. Until then, I’m still a little confused as to what content I should be sharing on G+ that I’m not sharing on FB or Twitter. I’d love to see an article on that! How to differentiate the content from our other SM accounts while we transition from FB to G+, or if we should differentiate, etc.

  5. iose says:

    Did someone said that fb copied myspace?? :-)..fb has given a face to what we now call social experience. Google has not re-invented the social experience..if you use g+ you gonna not use fb. Btw I saw google fans using buzz instead of twitter and fb..I can live thinking of them over g+. Let’s update our comments then! When do you think we can get a final word? 1 yr? 2yrs? I will check your post 😉
    My only question is..how to be fans of a company that acts like a microsoft in its darkest time?

  6. Georgi says:


  7. Benji says:

    That is pretty damn impressive! Just this morning you asked me what to blog about today.. and Baaaam! Here you have quite an interesting piece of work.

    In the end of the day, I guess you are entitled to your incorrect opinion: ) Really, I agree with a lot of what you said… only, not Hangouts. I think those are a waste of time and won’t be used too often once the hype dies down.

    Also, as big as Google is, I don’t know.. I wouldn’t be surprised if within the next 2 years, the way technology is going, something else is going to come out and blow Google right out of the water.

  8. Itamar Rogel says:

    Hillel, don’t you know your readers are rebels and contrarians? We don’t like being told we WILL end up doing something… 😉

    Other than that, great write-up as usual :)

  9. Lancasoy says:

    My folks and old relatives never adopted Myspace, friendster, or any other social network before. Now that they adopted Facebook, I don’t think they’d give a shit about Google+. It’s already hard for them retaining 1 social network account and remembering how to login. I think that’s where Facebooks appeal lies, getting those who were initially not into social networking .

  10. OMG Hilz, that video at the end makes G+ sound like the Borg and that resistance if futile. I had a G+ account for only six days and then deleted it. But maybe there is a way to do it only for work related stuff. I just was overwhelmed by the number of people putting me in their Circles. When couple of exes did that, I’d had enough. But perhaps that would be OK if it were my work persona only. As a media relations person I can’t ignore G+ and what it might be able to do for traffic to our website or even exposure to my freelance stuff. I am just not convinced yet that I can exploit it properly,

  11. Yoni Doe says:

    At best, G+ will end up as a niche product. The interface is bland. While it has some minor refinements over FB, there’s not nearly enough to get over the massive inertia FB has.

    FB created a community and neighborhood. People just don’t pick up and move because Hovnanian came along a built one that’s a little nicer nearby.

    The 20 million is WAY overinflated. Google is measuring sign-ups not regular users.

    Hangouts, your “killer feature”, is totally counter to the idea of social networking. People do not want to commit to face to face communication. Again, it may find specific uses, like for business or short directed meetings. But FB will have that soon too.

    Aside from a few geeks like you and me, I’ve seen virtually no movement toward G+.

    Hillel, you’re a super-geek, which is great, but I really don’t think you’re seeing this product through more “typical” eyes.

  12. Benji Lovitt says:

    Interesting. I still feel like saying “let me know when everyone’s on it.” I just don’t have energy to figure out a new site right now.

  13. Ken Hurst says:

    I think it’s ironic that this blog doesn’t yet have a Google+ +1 button yet. I was ready to +1 it so I could read it in its entirety later.

  14. Debra Cincioni says:

    Great article! Very well written and informative! Thanks for sharing!

    Debra aka @momsofamerica

  15. Shire says:

    A great article for anyone who wants to know all about Google Plus. Thanks for the awesome article! (ˆ?ˆ)?

  16. i get the idea, but i feel like Sergey and Larry are taking over my life.

  17. Don Ristow says:

    “A must see for potential G+ users and curious fans of social media!”
    A very impressive & highly educational video that is fun to watch & easy to understand! Hilts also did a fantastic job; (write up) explaining the platform of Google plus. He also provides a deeper understanding of the new social media explosion. Thank you; and great work!
    -Don Ristow (Ristow Studio)
    Illustrator & Graphics Expert
    Tweet: cre8tive2

  18. Ziona Etzion says:

    I think people do go on-line to enlarge their circle and network and part of that is advertising their business.

    So far it is blocking advertising. Something that FB doesn’t do.

    How do you imagine that their business profiles will be? I think that it is important that it is part of a personal profile as that is only a small aspect of the person’s social presence.

  19. Funny all the arguments I am hearing here have been the same since the beginning of G+. Basically: “Yeah facebook has 750 million users, and those are not going to leave for g+.” Well the first mass produced car was a Ford. Does everyone drive a Ford now? And then how much competition has facebook killed? MySPace and a whole host of local social networks. And people left those networks within a few years. If we look at the way g+ grew in the last months, the interaction on th eplatform and the speed in at which enhancements are rolled out then facebook and twitter are in big trouble. Especially if you are advising businesses on the use of social media I would seriously take note. Step in NOW or have big regrets later.

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