How to Get Ahead on Social Media (Minus the Buzz Words)

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  1. Hello Hillel,

    Excellent post! Not sure how I got here but I know it was from a link on The Twitters.

    I agree with what you write and have tried to incorporate all these lessons as ‘best practices’ as I’ve learned how to best use social media.

    The only thing I don’t do is use my real name. That’s not because I didn’t want to but because when I started on Twitter my name wasn’t available.

    The only other thing I would add would be to use a photo of yourself for the avatar or coordinate the avatar with the brand imagery. For a long time I used my site logo. Then I started meeting on-line people in real life and it dawned on me how much easier it was to connect when I had a sense of what they may look like.

    I realized that I was my brand, not my website. Brands/Companies who keep their brand imagery consistent across all media have a leg up because it is a very seamless transition for their audience. Just my thought.

    Thank again, Hillel!

    With kindness,

  2. Shoshanna says:


    Really really good post. Agree with everything you said and while I might not admit to this later, I think your feed is the perfect way for people to learn how to be both a person and a professional, to engage and to share content.

    Well done.

  3. ????? says:

    my favorite is “Listen Twice as Much as You Speak” I think everybody should do it

  4. asif memon says:

    Really Nice Post… Thanks Hillel..

    Best Regards..

  5. Benji Lovitt says:

    Nice post, Hillel.

  6. popt_art says:

    Just a minor point, but you title this article How To Get Ahead on Social Media (Minus the Buzz Words) and then use the acronym ROI without ever stating what ROI is. I have subsequently looked it up, but I thought it kind of ironic.

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