Alyssa Milano Discusses Her Twitter Addiction on Kimmel

By: Hillel Fuld
As some of you might know, I am a huge fan of Alyssa Milano on Twitter. No, I am not the crazy fan type of Hollywood celebs, I follow her because she is very active on Twitter, and contrary to 90% of people on Twitter, she actually gets what it is all about. She communicates regularly with her fans, and sometimes even follows them back, which she did in my case. I am not sure what I did to warrant that, but I WILL tell you that DMing with Alyssa Milano after growing up on Who’s the Boss is kinda crazy.

Anyway, she also happily RTs her friends and has, on numerous occasions, crashed this site with one tweet, as a result of her 800,000 Twitter followers. Anyway, she was on Kimmel last night promoting her new show “Romantically Challenged” (which looks like a really cute show), and of course, Jimmy’s first topic of discussion was Twitter. Alyssa did some basic explaining and once and for all, proved to all those skeptics that claim that it is not really her tweeting, that it is indeed her behind all those funny and geeky tweets.

The interview is funny, even if you are not a Twitter fan and Alyssa covers topics from dating, marriage, fishing, and even puking all in an 8 minute slot. I really enjoyed this clip and I am sure you will too…