8 Social Media Treasures We Learned from Old Spice

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23 Responses

  1. Awesome post Hillel! Revisiting the awesomeness of this campaign and outlining the reasons we love it and will soon be loving Old Spice again as a brand! I actually have that cute little whistling song in my head from back in the day….yeah, I’m THAT old :) (but I still have spice – oh hell that was corny…) lol Great write and read. Thank you for this – I am forwarding it to my business-owner sis who is just starting to appreciate the wonderful, dynamic and powerful potential of social media. Cheers! Gina

  2. hilzfuld says:

    Thanks Gina, means a lot coming from one of my favorite online celebs :)

  3. ABurgerADay says:

    Hillel, the only thing you left out is that the Old Spice twitter account only had several thousand followers when this whole thing started. Now that it has 70k+ followers, if they were to pull this stunt again in a short while, just think how much MORE viral it could be!

  4. Oren says:

    Hillel, bringing the fury with another solid post.
    If I had to summarize this post or what the campaign was all about it was “caring” the folks at Old Spice cared enough about the people they were talking to and interacting with to turn that care into success…

    The downside? We’ll now be faced with an endless barrage of imitators and spoof videos for months and months to come 😉

  5. Rashi says:

    Brilliant :-)

    The campaign and the post :-)

  6. Sarah Arrow says:

    I was late to watching these, but found them mesmerizing, a brilliantly executed campaign from start to finish, and like you so no mention of social media expert anywhere!

  7. Iconic88 says:

    Well covered Hillel!

  8. aburtch says:

    Excellent post! You hit on specific reasons why the campaign was successful. I found the copywriting on all the videos to be hilarious.

    Many people I’ve talked to gripe about ROI or say “but how many units of Old Spice did this really sell?” To that I would respond it doesn’t matter. Old Spice is now top of mind for anyone paying attention to social media these days. The buzz around the brand and its place in the zeitgeist are secure. Is that’s enough to sustain the company? Well they certainly weren’t losing money before this campaign! And I don’t think anyone is going to stop using the product because of it, so it looks like a win to me.

  9. chris says:

    It seems to me that there is an *obvious* ninth lesson to be learned, and it is related directly to the timing of the campaign’s end: the end came on the morning after Alyssa Milano’s “challenge” video, in which she calls on Old Spice / Proctor & Gamble to donate $100,000 to the Gulf recovery effort. Ms. Milano is known for her philanthropic efforts, as well as for her use of Twitter is those efforts…and once Old Spice engaged her in conversation, something was bound to happen. Thus, lesson no. 9: be prepared.

  10. Miriam Druyan says:

    Very well summarized! I enjoyed this campaign immensely. It warmed the cockles of my advertising school heart.

  11. Tom Miesen says:

    Great post! Everything about the campaign was amazing. The same day, Old Spice bought a promoted trending topic on Twitter, which was an incredibly smart thing to do. The people at W & K were really thinking. The only other thing they could have done would be to put the deodorant on sale and had displays up in the major retail stores (which they could have done, I just haven’t been to a store in a while).

    This is a campaign that is probably going to be talked about as the moment when the population learned how social media could be leveraged. This is an entirely new level of engagement with the consumer, and I expect to see quite a few copycats in the near future.

    And you’re right, it was hilarious! That brand of humor connects with today’s internet user; that over-the-top, knowingly ridiculous humor is very valued by my generation.

    Tom Miesen

  12. First off, this is a great summary of a wonderful campaign. I enjoyed it enormously and hope that this truly is the future of marketing. I blogged about this back when it first came out (http://bit.ly/91nCvK) and have only come to love it more.

    However, the real measure here is if this campaign ignites the brand and ultimately sells the product. I know that sounds crass, but it’s what it’s all about. As trusting as Old Spice has been and as well as W+K has executed it, this is all just fascinating pop culture talk if it does not sell. And I truly hope it does.

    Thanks, Hillel.

  13. Great review of the campaign – thanks for highlighting the lessons. And givin me another reason to laugh at the videos!

  14. patrickdh says:

    I found the techie conversations on reddit around the setting up of the old Spice messaging service particularly interesting. This beyond the fact that advertisers and agencies making way for social media experts to get more engagement out of their work.
    Voice mail piece part of the campaign built by crowd genius: http://oldspicevoicemail.com/

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