Seven of Steve Jobs’ and Steve Wozniak’s Craziest Pranks

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  1. Greg says:

    I thought you might like to know the truth about the fuzzy TV, Wiz and the Bomb. To start with the TV gag reported by I guess Steve has been mauled by his distortion field. The device created in High School was the spin-off of home work we (myself) and Steve were doing in both of our garages. It was while we were at Steve’s house that we noticed what the Hartley oscillator was doing to the near by TV in the garage. We were only trying to see how small we could get it with a single transistor. It was when Steve’s dad came into the garage to see what we were doing since he was missing a TV show inside that we got the idea that this could be funny. We both hated the period in school between 1st and 2nd period called home room because we had to sit an listen to the closed circuit news by the student news anchor want-a-bies. We went to my house where I package the whole thing into a fish hook box and powered it with a 9V battery. I also added a wire off the emitter for an antenna and a variable capacitor for tuning. We also noticed if you vary the tuning you could get the picture to do different things. I took it to school first and had the teacher going up and down trying to keep the TV adjusted. The TV were mounted up high in the corner of the room. Where I told Steve what happened he took it the next day while I made another. Pretty soon word got out because Steve was such a bragger. Two or three more in our electronics class made the jammer and after one of the others got caught we stopped. At this time Woz had already graduated. In fact Woz graduated when I was a freshman in 1967-8 and Steve was not even in high school yet. The TV jammer made its debut in 1970. Woz and Jobs as far as I know did not cross paths until awhile after Jobs graduated.

    As for the time fake time Bomb, that story was very embellished. The truth is that the squad was called. The locker opened and the real perpetrator was out of school for a few days.

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  1. November 23, 2011

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