A Secret Twitter Feature and The New Dell Streak Tablet

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10 Responses

  1. shawn says:

    Well it’s nice to know Dell’s twitter customer service is good, because their phone customer service is pathetic. I’ve had nothing but problems with them.

  2. hilzfuld says:

    Sorry to hear that Shawn, but try to write them on Twitter and you will see what good service is.

  3. Richard Lusk says:

    This isn’t a new feature. You could always DM your followers. So since you follow Dell they can DM you.Its just that you can’t DM Dell untill they follow you back.

  4. NiteStar says:

    This isn’t so much of a secret — all of Twitter’s Twitter accounts can be DM’d w/o the need for them to follow you back. This is how to best communicate with @Spam & @Support. If they could do this for themselves, then obviously it must be possible for them to do it for others. 😉

  5. Yeah , that always-on DM feature was announced for (presumably paid) business accounts a few weeks back. Good to see it working in the wild.

    Re: the Streak, seems priced a bit high at $500, given that that is the entry price for the much larger (almost 4x) iPad.

    I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the 7″ Streak before X-mas, which seems like the perfect form factor to me. I didn’t buy the iPad b/c I thought it was too large, even though I REALLY wanted to have it to experiment. I want to run Swype as the main text input, and 7″ in portrait mode seems pretty ideal for that.

    Dell needs to price these at about $297-397 to really pick up momentum though. If they end up costing nearly as much as the iPad, there’s no way they’ll overcome the Apple “aspirational” branding factor.

  6. Stephen says:

    I have never had to communicate with Dell, but I am a big fan of their products. The only type of computer hardware I would consider buying for a Windows based system is Dell. Everything is rock solid.

    Streak looks amazing!!

  7. hilzfuld says:

    Richard, I think you are a little confused. Dell is NOT following me and I am able to DM them, that was the whole point.

  8. Great article, at first I was thinking “OK another DM on twitter piece” but you blew me away with a totally to the point analysis.

    And yes, the Streak looks great but I’m lusting after a Dell Alienware Mx11 or 15 right now :-)

  9. c_bethWalters says:

    I am still new to the many facets of Twitter; it’s encouraging to find intuitive information on Dell’s Twitter acct. My thanks to Stephanieatdell for including the link. I will look into the streak and maybe Allenware, too.

  1. September 27, 2010

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